• Yes.

    People are born gay as people are born straight. If you question this, ask yourself, "at what point did I choose being straight?" You will come to the conclusion that you never chose being straight, you were simply born straight. As for the argument that only acts of procreation are natural and therefore same sex relations are unnatural, does that mean walking is unnatural because it does is not procreating? Talking on the phone? Oral sex? Heterosexual anal sex? Driving a car? These are also not involved in procreation yet the human race does them. Therefore what is natural and unnatural is unimportant in this question.

  • Yes it's in the genes

    Most homosexual people are in fact born that way, others may pick to be gay or have things that occur during their life that takes them that direction sexually.

    There is so much proof that people are born gay these days that people that do not believe it really just have their heads stuck in the sand, we need to be more open and loving to everyone's sexual desires as long as they are legal.

  • It"s only nature!

    Homophobic people are actually closet dwellers! Since when YOU choose to be STRAIGHT?! If we "all" honestly were "straight", we would've been HETEROsapiens, not HOMOsapiens! I guess LGBT people are more human than you might think! Honestly, I just don't get why people hate people. Can we just love each other?!

  • Being gay isn't a choice

    Why would somebody choose to be gay? Most get hate for liking the same sex. Why would they choose to make their life harder? I believe you are born gay! If they choose to gay, they will never happy with the same sex as lovers. You can't help who you are attracted to. If your attracted to the same sex you can't help it, if your attracted to the opposite sex you can't help it. I don't believe it is a sin either. But for the people who do we are all sinners no one is a saint, people have sex before marriage, and people go against god everyday so why focus on just homosexuality. Hate against gays is like hating on a person because of there race or color of their skin! And saying a person can't marry the same sex is like saying a black man can't marry a black woman, a Asian and an other Asian can't marry, or a Mexican and a Mexican can't marry and the same goes for all races. The same race marriage is aloud so why not the same sex. People are just scared of what they don't understand. So yes you are born gay and gay marriage should be allowed!

  • Only straight people don't think so.

    The only people who ever argue that you aren't born gay, but get 'seduced' into the lifestyle are people who say they are straight. Since they aren't gay, how do they have the first clue what is going on inside the head of a gay person? How did straight people become the experts on gayness?

    Virtually every gay person I've spoken to said they knew they were gay long before they had ever been exposed to any other gay people.

  • Born That Way.

    Yes, people can be born gay. I do not think that being gay is a choice. I suppose that it can be for some people, but most just, know. You cannot help who you are attracted to and gay people do not deserve to be judged, let them be who they are.

  • Yes, a person can be born gay.

    Even though environment may have something to do with why a person is comfortable embracing a homosexual lifestyle, the desire to do so is innate. Just as people are born heterosexual, certain people are born with a tendency toward a sexual orientation. As the person becomes older, he/she will exhibit (or want to exhibit) the behaviors that feel most natural.

  • People can be born gay

    If people became gay because of lifestyle choices then a lot of men would be gay because women are crazy. Think about it. If you could just switch your sexuality to gay, men wouldn't have to worry about women being crazy or annoying. People are born gay. Not made gay.

  • Yes, it's biology

    Yes, people can be born gay. I think a lot of new research has suggested that sexual orientation can be influenced by hormones the fetus is exposed to during pregnancy. Sexual attraction is something innate and something you cannot change, even if you wanted to. It's determined early in our development.

  • Yes its possible

    My mom has eight siblings two of the girls are lesbians ans my mom is bi sexual! My gma has a gay brother and she raised my mom and her siblings in a strict religious home where homosexuality was a sin! And my mom and dad raised me and my two sisters in a normal household yet I'm gay and my two sisters are straight! Homosexuality exist in many species, homophobia exists in one! Being gay isn't a choice your born that way!

  • Genetics proves it to be impossible.

    Homosexuality is the desire for someone of the same gender as you. It is scientifically impossible for 2 men or 2 women to have a child together. If people with a "gay gene" were born gay they would not have sex (meaning that they couldn't have kids). Thus, if there was a gene for gayness, it would not be passed on. The gene, if it ever existed, would have died out after the first generation. If gayness is a recessive trait, then its increase in the general population would be illogical (real recessive traits like blue eyes have become less common in America over the years).
    Furthermore if you were born either gay or normal, how could bisexuals be explained? The answer is that homosexuality is not genetic.

  • It's complete crap

    Being homosexual is a lifestyle choice if there really is a gene then god would have created you gay. WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE CONSIDERING GOD CANNOT CREATE SIN. If your homosexual its a choice not born or genetic, so then my friend is gay because his mom choose to be she choose to be gay if god wanted men with men we would be sexually compatable

  • How it that possible?

    If people were born gay, then both two of a set of identical twins would be gay. This is not the case. Gay people say "I was born gay" as an excuse for them being gay. They also say that since some animals in the wild practice gay acts, it is natural. This is also not true. Animals know that they are supposed to procreate. Do gay people really want to lower themselves to a confused animal with no thinking capacity?

  • No one is born gay

    All biological organisms have basic motives, namely, sex and sustainability. Without channeling Darwin, it will suffice to say that in the case of homosexuals, it is impossible to produce another member of the species by homosexual 'sex' and there is substantial evidence suggesting that any sort of gene that would diminish the survival of a species would be eliminated early on in within the species evolution. Further, let us for a moment pretend that there was a gay gene and therefore individuals are born gay, consider whether they should be able to procreate were they ever to find themselves, say, in a sexual scenario with the opposite sex. One would think that far from just not being attracted to the opposite sex they also would not be able to produce a human baby if they met sexually with the opposite sex, suggesting some sort of sterility or more a branching off of the species which would be able to produce only gay offspring. However, we know that if we were to take a random gay man and we can even set him up with a gay woman and they will produce a child. There are no tests that could be done on the child to determine whether it is predestined to be more sexually attracted to either sex, but considering its parents are both gay, it will likely be more open to taking partners of the same sex because that is a precedent set up by its parents.
    Therefore, no one can say they are born gay or for that matter, straight. Straight only suggests humanity's realization early on that only a man and a woman will be able to advance the human population. Straight is more of an understanding. Heterosexuality and homosexuality are more submission to ones attraction to either sex in spite of the capacity for reproduction. And that attraction has more to do with learning than it does inherent urgings. Many don't understand how fertile the early brain is and just how influential environment is on a developing brain. We do choose, in the end, who we lay with. The evidence for this is in those who sleep only with men or only with women, those who sleep with both men and women and then those who formerly slept only with men or women but now sleep with the opposite. We all at some point find ourselves acknowledging the attractiveness of some one of the same sex but that does not make us gay. Gay, is a developmental and environmental and one might even suggest a hormonal factor dependent CHOICE, and the same can be said of heterosexual individuals. No one is born gay, just like no one is born loving chicken or hang gliding, they are all acquired tastes, that seem natural enough once you submit to the feelings they arouse.

  • I am gay

    I believe being gay is a preference similar to only being attracted to black people, etc. I believe labels shouldn't exist, just as one wouldn't refer to themselves as "blacksexual". Labels, although well-meaning create so much hate and indifference. Straight people that do not support homosexuality are simply closed-minded people with old-fashioned and borderline sexist views. Live and let live, and ignore haters. Maybe some people do have a "gay gene", but until you are a geneticist who locates it, you just sound defensive, unscientific and highly closed-minded yourselves. There are in fact gay people that can see both sides of the argument instead of preaching the most convenient side, with no sources or facts to back up their claim. I have no problem with being gay and I'm not a victim to homophobia or misunderstanding. The truth can not be won or forced in a debate- we are all learning, not learned. The only "right" here is that one must open their mind to all possibilities to discover the truth. Truth can appear in many different forms, and science often leaves room for numerous possibilities and exceptions. Theories are great fun, but should not be told in an informative manner, as truth is a process that greater mind's than yours have long embraced and accepted. - Open-minded lesbian

  • People can't be born gay!

    God made a man and a woman for each other. That is why men can't have babies and two men or women can't have babies. You cannot simply be born gay, you have certain things that occur in your life that may influence your choice on whether you become gay or stay straight, but you are not born gay. God specifically states in the Bible his views on homo-sexuality and that he does thinks it is an abomination. Even though God hates that homo-sexual's are disobeying him, he still loves them. God loves everyone, he just hates the sins.

  • It is a lifestyle choice

    It is a lifestyle choice. Being gay does not have anything to do with how you were born. I agree with everyone above...Why would there be bisexuals and trans genders. If you were born with a penis, why you been born with that penis and have sperm to not produce. You were born to reproduce.

  • Im not sure you want to suggest its genetic

    By suggesting its genetic your pretty much saying that its a curable condition. That its a gene that can be found measured isolated and altered. Your suggesting its a disorder or an imbalance or a birth defect. I belieave its a choice, but not a choice like; what am i gonna eat tonight , or what kind of car do i want. Its a lifestyle choice made subconsiously over the period of ones life time, but its not a choice one can make on the spot. I couldnt choose to be gay right now if i wanted too, its who i am and its who you are. The "born that way" argument is simply an attempt to relieave ones self of the feeling of responsiblity for their choice, but like i said its not that kind of choice. We are born with basic instincts like holding your breath when submerged in fluid or swallowing when food is introduced into the mouth. Instincts nessasary for survival, sexual orientation is not a vital instinct for a newborn. Dont feel responsible or ashamed that its a choice, i dont see the shame in it being a choice, any feeling of shame is self inflicted. Love who you are and embrace your desires.

  • People are not born gay

    I wasn't necessarily born straight, love is bond people form together. I didn't pop out thinking that's one hot babe right there, it was a choice I made and it was the right choice. And there is not enough evidence given to show that they are. Come on people do your research.

  • Of course not, Einstein wasn't born a genius. He was born more likely to be one. He chose to learn.

    People are born as blank slates. They don't have any experiences to decide who they are yet. You may be born with a predisposition to being homosexual, but no information to that has really been found. What has been found is that your hormone levels may appear to be of someone of the other sex. This means you'll likely act more like the opposite gender. Note more likely, people have free will. For an alcoholic to blame his genes for his alcoholism would be absurd even if he was more likely to be an alcoholic. The same goes for people who decide through their actions to be gay. They might have been almost 100% likely to be gay, but they can't be 100 percent likely. It's decided by genetics and personal choices. So if you are gay, you don't have to be, if you don't want to be... But It'd be hard to change what you've learned. Probably hard enough that you couldn't change without outside help. I don't mean to say that there is anything wrong with gay people. We are all sinners. However acting on said impulses are wrong. It's as wrong as lying, fornication, adultery, not honoring your mother and father, murder, etc. However that makes me or anyone else in the world the same. For all have fallen short of the glory of god, but we're (Christians) supposed to love all people. Yes I said all, Though you'll probably have a hard time finding someone who could say that they'd love Hitler like a brother. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to love everyone... If you're interested for more, go to They have sermons online. Don't miss heaven for the world. Jesus loves you all!

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