• moral without religion

    I personally agree,Every sane person on the planet knows right from wrong without needing a religion to tell them. It's a natural instinct of all animals and probably the only remaining animal instinct in humans that is beneficial. In many cases religion only alters and blurs what is right and wrong. Killing is wrong, but killing in the name of god seems to be okay. History and present day prove that to be true. Many religions enforce these altered ideas of right and wrong with blind faith and self-righteous attitudes, which in turn, creates more problems pertaining to ethics and morals. I firmly believe the most ethical and moral human beings are the ones who know right from wrong and also have no affiliation to any religion.

  • Why Yes They Can

    I am not religious, and I consider myself pretty moral, for the most part. In fact, I would say that some people who are not religious are more moral than some people who are religious. People who are not religious do not go around doing bad things, claiming, "God told them to do it."

  • Yes, they can be.

    Morality is a biological function of social species and even of species that aren't of the social variety. To say someone can't be moral without religion is like saying that if you do not read the Bible, then you will go out and kill people at will. That is insane to me.

  • In fact people would probably be more moral

    If you believe in, Let's say Christianity, Then generally you are moral because the Bible told you "it's bad to do this and that and you will feel immense pain after you die because of this". You may not be moral all the time because of this but most of the time you probably will be.

    If you don't really believe in any religion, Then you basically do moral things not so you don't get screwed, But so other people don't have to feel as much pain as they would've.

    Personally, I think that doing good things out of your choice is a better judge of moral character than doing good things because it's the rules and no one can break the sacred rules or else they will be damned.

  • Yes, people can be moral without religion

    Although faith-based morality is ever-present in our culture, this does not mean that the lack of religious faith precludes the agnostic or atheist from maintaining acceptable standards of moral behavior. Everyone has a "moral compass," and I truly believe if your compass exists for the betterment of your surroundings, that your conscience will help to guide you in decision-making that doesn't violate the moral code.

  • Some have Greco Roman beliefs.

    Yes, people can be moral without religion, because they can reach the conclusion that there are right and wrong ways to behave without believing that those codes of conduct are only mandated by religion. The fact that humans are all equal can be enough for some people to support a moral code of conduct.

  • Then morality becomes subjective without religion

    Morality becomes subjective in the sense that what might be wrong for you is right for me, an example if there is no standard established that murder is wrong then murder may be seen as something perfectly fine, God has given us a conscience which convicts of certain sin, the ten commandments serve as a guide to show us what is wrong. If you say that morality can be absent from religion then who is to decide what is right and what is wrong. Human morality is already flawed due to sin, where does your moral codes exists? The bible gives us the clear answer to what is right and wrong, it has provided us with absolute truth so we can base our codes and conduct on morality.

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