Can people be successful in life without a degree in education?

  • Yes, success is not determined by college degrees.

    While a college education is greatly beneficial and opens up many doors, it is not a requirement for success. Hard work, ambition, intelligence, and dedication are all things that contribute to success. These attributes are found in college grads and non-college grads alike. Having a degree does not give a person everything necessary to succeed, and not having one does not hold someone back from succeeding.

  • Education degrees do not equate success

    Many people rely on the value of a piece of paper, but there is no guaranteed performance outcome when hiring someone with a degree in education. It is better to institute in-house testing and verify that applicants have the skills necessary to act in a satisfactory manner. This ensures that all candidates are totally qualified, whether they have a degree or not.

  • A degree is not a guarantee of success.

    Although students are taught that a degree is essential to career growth and success, statistics show that it is not directly indicative of success. There are many factors that contribute to success, including natural intelligence, determination, motivation and even a bit of luck. Some of the most successful business people in the world do not have college degrees.

  • Degrees are not essential for success.

    Many individuals throughout history have shown that degrees are not essential for success. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is an example. With strong creativity, good ideas and a sound plan for success, people can have successful businesses without a degree. A degree helps to get one's foot in the door, but is not essential.

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