• Anything can happen

    People once thought flight was impossible. People once thought they had reached the pinnacle of technology. Neither is true, so why should death be any different? What even is death? When all your organs and brain stop functioning? That can be fixed, just like anything else. Life is not an entirely abstract concept. It can be pinned down, and after that reanimated. You should not limit yourself; have you seen the future as to know whether it is possible? Any futurist would deride you for saying something is impossible, when, in our modern world, clearly nothing is.

  • Logically speaking, yes.

    Like the man above me says CPR or difibulators can bring a technically dead man back to life. It has nothing to do with religion or anything else. If you drown and you run out of breath you pass
    Out from lack of oxygen you are technically dead but can be brought back with CPR or chest paddles

  • As long as it hasn't been too long.

    People are brought back to life every day by use of CPR or other means. As long as the brain has not gone without oxygen for too long. Once the brain goes dead, that's it. By then, the brain has gone without oxygen for too long and major brain damage has taken place. About the only reason to keep the person on life support is to harvest organs.
    As far as bringing the long dead back to life? Impossible. The brain is much like a computer with millions of small connecting strands going from cell to cell to convey messages and store memory. After the brain goes dead, these connections separate. This means that the cells no longer communicate with each other much like if all the wires in your computer disappeared. The only thing you could do is make muscles move with direct current but there would not be life without a working brain.

  • It does happen

    Lots of people suffer from near death experiences to point they are totally and clinically dead and they still came back to life.

    Jesus Christ came back to life and he brought another man back to life.

    And also we will all come back to life after the second coming of Jesus.

  • Because of entropy

    The entropy of body increases with time.By toking medication or using technology, you can only make the increasing disorders of body to be constant.Bu there is no way to reverse the entropy.So it is impossible to come back to life.Once you are dead,there will be no way to take back the disordered entropy of life.

  • There is no historical evidence for all except one amazing man.

    Jesus Christ was the only person ever to come back to life, three days after his crucifixion on a Roman cross. He returned to Jerusalem and amazed the Apostles, who though he was dead for good! The Bible tells us also that by conquering death, Jesus paid off the debt for everyone's sins. Now just put your faith in him... Your ignorance from the truth separates you from Heaven!

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