• If you put the right programs in place

    Besides, welfare does not last forever. Eventually, it will run out. What they could do to motivate people more, is make the minimum wage higher than welfare. They could also monitor these people better and make sure they are doing everything they are supposed to. If they are not, then take the welfare away.

  • Yes, I believe people on welfare do their best to find work.

    I believe in general people are grateful that they are receiving a lifeline of support from the Government while they are going through a rough period financially, I believe most do a honest amount to trying to find work to provide for their families, as always you will get people who abuse the system and do minimal effort in finding a job but I would say that is a minority in the welfare program.

  • Welfare Be Trusted

    I personally think that people on welfare should be trusted because of the government how it affects the society as well as people that cannot afford it. I personally think that welfare has helped many people and their situations. I personally think that it is good that the government helps many people that has welfare.

  • No I have proof living next door

    My neighbor got his girlfriend pregnant (23 years old) and moved her in with him and his parents and for the 4 years they have lived there she has been on welfare and doesn’t work or go to school. Her boyfriend works construction and makes $80 an hour but work isn’t always consistent but they have newer cars etc I don’t think it’s right that she doesn’t work or go to school and she gets government assistance. Also they moved her parents in and they don’t work and so the excuse can’t be babysitting issues.

  • People on welfare cannot be trusted.

    Welfare is free money given to jobless folks who need money. Its a hand out, people can be amazing actors. They can say they have a sickness or their child or spouse has a disease. They can talk of abuse or how bad things are in their homes. They play the welfare system like a fiddle. Who would give up free money? You don't have to lift a finger for welfare support.

    Now, not all people on welfare are like this but people are and it is absolutely ridiculous.

  • No, a ton of welfare users cannot be trusted.

    If you are reading this I assume you know what the concept of welfare is. To get people in need back on their feet to attain a job and become independent from the government's financial help. But, their are so many instances where people are living off the government. That is flat out wrong. For example, my cousin (of course you have a right to think he is bogus, after all, this is the internet) said he saw a "homeless" man begging on the street. Then he saw him walk off and come back a minute later in (I can't exactly remember), I think it was a high-class Bently... Sadly, so many people are living of the government. Government is there to protect your rights, not help you financially.

  • A complicated issue

    Regardless of the work ethic of the people - which is impossible to comment on, as a group - people on welfare and the amount they work is far more complex. If a person gets welfare when they make under, say, $25,001, why would they take a job for $25,001/year? They stand to lose far more than they gain.

  • No, people on welfare can't be trusted.

    It is kind of a difficult question to answer since we don't always know who gets welfare. But there a of people who have used welfare as a crutch to live an easy life. And most of these people most likey will not go out and look for a job.

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