Can people really be asexual, like Janeane Garofalo claims she is?

  • Asexuality is an Orientation.

    While the general consensus is correct, the wild inaccuracies herein are alarming. Asexuality is not a physical deformity, not is it a loss of interest in sex. It's simply lack of sexual attraction.

    A gay man may look at a reproductively ideal woman and feel no lust whatsoever. So too may a straight man look at an ideal man, or a straight woman an ideal woman or a gay woman an ideal man. The asexual feels this sort of sexual disinterest toward every population. For example, a straight woman may look at a picture of a shirtless Taylor Lautner and think, "I want to have sex with him." However asexual women like myself an Garofalo may think more along the lines of, "He looks cold. He should put on a sweater."

    Of course, aces may have sex drives. Arousal is a physiological response, and one that may be confusing for asexual people with no sexual interest in any individual. But many aces have healthy sex lives that are focused on sensation and emotional bonding rather than on sexual attraction.

    An asexual may also feel aesthetic attraction (an appreciation for the way someone looks,) sensual attraction (desire to cuddle, hold hands, nonsexually touch someone,) romantic attraction (desire to have a romantic relationship with someone,) etc. It's simply not coupled with sexual attraction!

    Yes, people can be asexual, and not just Janeane Garofalo. Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Emilie Autumn, Tim Gunn and J.M Barrie, as well as millions of people walking around all normal-like today. It's estimated that between 1-2% of the world does not experience sexual attraction, correlating with asexual incidence in lower mammals, as well as Kinsey's "category X." Men are ace equally often as women. In fact, the leader of the asexuality visibility movement, David Jay, is a perfectly healthy man. I recommend visiting AVEN for a more comprehensive explanation of asexuality. I assure you, it's neither confusing, nor unheard of!

  • Yes They Can

    People can be heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, and asexual. While it is certainly not the most common sexuality preference it can and does happen in the real world. Many may think that being asexual has to do with bad experiences or repression; and this can be a valid point. However, many people can be asexual without any bad experiences or repressions.

  • Asexuality is completely possible.

    Janeane Garofalo claims to be asexual. This merely identifies her as someone who has lost interest in sex. I assume this is a much easier claim for women, than men. Men tend to be a bit more primal about such things. Thinking that sex is just no longer a consideration for a happy life is something that has been practiced in multiple religions around the world. It not only is possible, but is the source of celebate codes and vows all over the world.

  • Yes, it's a matter of hormones and interest.

    Of course people vary in their sexual interest. Fluctuations in hormonal levels cause some of that, as does the presence of other passions and interests. People as they age often say that they have less interest in sex for its own sake than ever before and certainly a younger person could experience this earlier.

  • I agree from the position of a person with diminished sex drive.

    Looking at the definition of asexual i can very well ecompass the idea of a person losing entirely the appetite for sex. Either by emotional, mental or physical blocks this is a very real possibilty. However i will say that it is odd in the extreme to willingly decide to do this unless it's for religious reasons, then "odd" should be understood in the sense of "different".

  • Under Certain Circumstances

    Humans really can be asexual in that they don't have any sex parts whatsoever. Asexual literally means a life form that reproduces without sexual intercourse between males and females. Janeane Garofalo probably meant that she may not have biological sex parts as opposed to having female or male parts to reproduce.

  • Its an orientation

    You could see 10 people and not feel any attraction towards them. Now just expand that idea to everyone. There is no chemical reaction that makes you want to touch someone. You just see them as a person. This is different from the concept of being sex-repulsed or indifferent. Some people don't mind having sex but some people can't stand having sex.

  • Why would someone lie about that?

    Yes, I know because I am. I am also a biologist and could explain to you why asexual members exist in every sexual species (except we call it nonsexual, because the biologist's definition of asexual is that you can reproduce without sex...Like a nematode, or a bacteria, or fungus...Please someone change the popular terminology!). It is a lonely existence. Everyone thinks you are creepy and strange if you don't date. It's hard to relate to most people, because their lives revolve around it. You are often a 3rd wheel (or 5th wheel, or 7th...). Plus there's the whole fact that you feel like you are missing out on something awesome. Tell me why anyone would WANT to tell the world that you don't like sex?

  • Definitely, you can.

    If you can have sex without love, you can have love without sex. Your internal chemistry, hormones, etc. dictate who you're attracted to. Asexuals are, by definition, what a straight guy feels towards men and what straight women feel towards women. Asexuals not only exist, it's a thing that's been found in a ton of species.

  • Jeanine's asexual life

    Many people in history have been known to be asexual.It's not that unusual.The prime caes is adolf hitler. Angry disillusioned and lost in early life.His choice was of course catastrophic.Hers is the obvious anger to being raised in a strict catholic home. It comes out in everything she espouses. Atheism is the usual starting point,much like susan Sarandon, another harpie of the extreme left. She is driven by these things,not inspired.That type of drive is self destructive and eventually it will tax her mentally and physically

  • Yes they can

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