• It's irritating what people say

    So I run into this Inuit woman who tells me about the history of Denmark invading Greenland. And he goes on to say stupid crap like, "IN DANISH HISTORY TEXTBOOKS, THEY TEACH US THAT DANISH COLONIZATION WAS MORE HUMANE THAT THAT OF THE ENGLISH, though that's certainly not true." So I say to myself, WTF? Danish textbooks don't teach that. They teach that they were the greatest empire and bragged about their brutality. Damn, and I tell it to her what was true and she insists she's right. Damn, Carlin is right some people really a f--king stupid.

  • We confuse complex with smart.

    Yes, for any value of 'this stupid' people qualify.

    In general I agree with K (Tommy Lee Jones) in "Men In Black" when he says, 'A person is smart. People are stupid.' Most individual people, left to our own devices and without interaction with others can behave in ways at least as sensible as a dog or an ox. The minute we interact with others, build on the accomplishments of previous generations and other cultures, we step beyond what an individual actually is and can be.

    Consider, most of us can be trusted with a rock or a stick or our own genitals without risk of causing any havoc. These things are simple and we know the limits of what they really are. Moreover, they do not extend past our native abilities.

    The minute a car is introduced, the individual is operating the results of millennia of accumulated technology, none of which the individual contributed to. The driver may even take part in a group identity, and naively say or think, "We invented and make cars." What the person should mean, BUT DOES NOT, is "A multitude of other human beings contributed to the creation of this powerful machine that I do not fully understand or appreciate." This person then imperfectly manipulates the automobile on roads and highways full of other people who are equally unaware of their own inadequacy in the face of this technology.

    At some point one or more takes out make-up or an electric razor, or a mobile communication device. At some point, at least one of these individuals is overwhelmed by the requirements of manipulating the resulting artifacts of multiple cultures and multiple technologies compiled throughout the millennia. Other individuals are equally unfit for the task of manipulating these technologies, especially in the face of the inadequacies of others, and there is havoc and death on the highways.

    All of these people could have walked to their destination, made it there safely, but did not because they wanted to use the technology that "demonstrates the superiority of the human brain."


  • No everyone has the ability to be smart

    Everybody has the ablility to be smart. Everybody starts with nothing. As you get olkder you have to put in the work to gain the brainsells. You just have to decide that you really want to be considered smart. When your in school you have to pay attention to what goes on in class. So when the test comes around you prepared to take it

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No, they can be worse.