• People Can Get Addicted To Anything

    People are already addicted to their phones. I am addicted to the Internet, but it is also how I make my living. Which means, people can get addicted to work and most people hate work. The Internet can be used for fun and work. Which is really hard for people who try to make their living off the Internet, because they can become distracted so easy.

  • Yes they can.

    Yes, people really can get addicted to the Internet. There has been plenty of cases that prove just this. There are some people out there who do nothing but browse the Internet and cause harm to their lives. Anything that takes over your life and causes harm is considered an addiction.

  • Yes, we can get addicted to behaviors.

    Even though we generally associate addiction with drugs, it's possible to get addicted to any sort of behavior, especially if it gives you some sort of a reward. As an example, people can get addicted to food, because it tastes good and may emotionally fulfill them. The Internet may make them feel appreciated or wanted, such as with Facebook updates. Or they may feel a drive to check their e-mail to make sure they never miss anything important. It's a behavior they can get so accustomed to doing, that it becomes addictive.

  • Yes, people can get addicted to the internet.

    The addiction to the internet is a real thing. I have actually become so addicted to the Internet before that I couldn't even sit still without having some sort of interaction with a computer. I think that the addiction is a problem when people can no longer keep their jobs or social responsibilities.

  • They sure can

    Yes, I do think that people can get addicted to the internet, and especially to social media sites and seeing what other people put up for them to see. I think that the internet is very addictive, but so are a lot of other things, so its not that bad.

  • Cuz dixon i say

    Theres no nicotine in the internet, it is impossible to get addicted to something that does not have proven addictive qualities and chemicals. If someone thinks they are going to be addicted they should just grow a pair, suck it up and stop being such a whining wouss, internet is OK

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