• Of course you can trust your government!

    Just look at their great track record over the past several decades! What we really need are more leaders like that! The problem with this country is not the government, it's whiny people who demand things like accountability, responsibility, transparency, democracy and freedom! Luckily, the government is here to help. The partriot act and the NSA are just the beginning! Why, in the future you won't even have to vote anymore! Think of all the time you'll have to yourself when the last of your liberties are removed to protect you. Maybe you'll even have time to start an armed revolt. Or maybe not! Maybe you could just trust that this is what's best for you!

  • Yes they can.

    People can trust the government, they are there to help us and protect the citizens of their country not try and cause more problems. Is there a chance a few people in the government might not care so much about others well being? Sure, but that does not represent the entire government.

  • Yes, but no they dont tell you everything

    I think we need to be realistic and realize that they do not tell us everything. It might not necessarily be lying (at least I would not call it that) but its withholding things that we might not need to know, especially when it comes to matters of national security. So the realistic answer is they can be trusted but we should know they dont tell us everything.

  • No we cant!

    The government is feeding us lies, telling us they tell us everything which they don't. The government just wants to take power over everything. You don't know what to believe and what not to believe when they tell us things. You never know what they are going to say next.

  • Weapons And Power.....

    It's all they care about. The CIA has done too many things that have been uncovered by common citizens. Look up videos on the CIA, from the governments perspective its all trying to help, from us, bad things happen, common man has a suspicion that the CIA Created AIDS as a Bio-Weapon. No We Cannot Trust Them. Especially The CIA.

  • There's no reason to trust the government more than a stranger with a criminal record and if anything worse than that after all the repeated scandals.

    The government did so many scandals and got away with so many crimes for their own greedy motives that we know that everything they do is a scandal. They want to control the biggest industries so they can decide who gets benefits based on political ideology to control the people for power so people have no choice but to give in. These political leaders speak a good game but they don't do what they say and the idiot American public doesn't speak out. They gave us proof of their own guilt and no ones doing anything about the corruption in their face.

  • We Cannot Trust Them

    I do not think we can trust the government. They have shown this time and time again over the years. Politicians say one thing then do something else. Many people in the government are out for themselves and not the rest of the people in this country. I don't trust them.

  • No people can't trust the government

    While on some basal level I feel that the government wants to do some good, the entire rest of me know that the government is a tyrannical institution driven by greed and backwards thinking. The American government glorifies itself in freedom while simultaneously shoving its bastard son of democracy down other countries throats. What makes the government think that everything we do is so divine and right? We as a people can never have a working-class man represent us. If you don't know someone, aren't rich, or don't have a daddy in the works already, forget ever making it to the top. How can we trust people that we cannot connect with. The images of our politicians that we seen on television are ventriloquist dummies with strings being pulled by some master plan. These men are told what to say to their people prior to the fact. How are we supposed to trust the government with all the corruption, deals being made, and shadowy goings-on?

  • They can- if they're idiots

    The government is made up of people who work to keep things hidden, shown in a certain light, and often overlooked on purpose. This alone should make the general public not trust the government any more or less than a random person on the street as they, for most of us, unknown individuals with enormous power.

  • Too much behind our backs.

    Honestly I think they can be helpful. I really do. However, when it comes to trust? I don't think they can really be trusted. I especially don't think that the CIA can be trusted. One good example would be MKUltra. How can we trust a government that does a program on researching mind control? Not only that, they did it on innocent unsuspecting people! They did it foreign nationals! There were many drugs that they put through water supplies and other places, though the most common one is LSD. They did experiments involving sensory deprivation, sexual abuse(yes rape too), and psychological manipulation. They hired prostitutes to drug men and rape them! In all, they can be helpful, but I personally can't trust them fully.

  • Not if they have a brain in their head. If one trusts the Government it is because they themselves are untrustworthy.

    How could you possibly trust them?? There are so many reasons not to, I can't think of one single reason to believe anything a single politician says. They are in bed with so many lobbyists and they have their hands so far in each others pockets that this country has become a nation run by big corporations and special interest groups. Anyone who does trust the government cannot be trusted themselves, as they are one of the aforementioned corporations or special interest groups.

  • Immigration system does not work

    My wife came here five years ago and we filed the proper paperwork for her to get her residency card. We have spent thousands of dollars and have waited five years and the government crawls throughout her case.Its not fair to her.She hasn't been able to go home to see her family all this time. But if I stop paying my taxes I would go to jail. I am ony here to produce money for the government to take. I don't trust my government. At all.

  • If you are asleep

    I have recently been awakened an honestly after two tours in Afghanistan I am done with it all. Everything they say is a lie. I can post pics of me guarding poppy fields or for that matter them loading over 10000 kilos of heroin bound for the good old USA. When they come for our guns we must resist. God bless you all .

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