• Yes, they can coexist.

    Philosophy and religion are capable of coexisting. Throughout time, they have been alive and active. There is no reason stopping people from choosing philosophy, religion or even both. If you take a look at both, each of them try to instill the same things in people and on a basic level are the same thing.

  • They do currently

    Obviously, yes they can. They currently do.

    That being said, the philosopher's method(s) of uncovering truth is(are) the exact opposite of a revelation-based, faith-grounded religious "truth."

    There is philosophy of religion; the philosophical study of religion. There is, so far as I know, no "religion of philosophy."

    There are some religious philosophers; not many more than there are religious scientists however. 72.8% of philosophers are atheists; only 14.6 are theists, and even being a theist does not count you among one of the specific world religions.

    Those few who are religious have a right to be. They can have their reason and eat it too.

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