• Life's big questions are subjective, and that is why I say yes.

    In my opinion, the reasons why philosophers debate life's big questions knowing they have no way of proving it with concrete evidence is because of the cliché that it is the journey that counts, not the destination. They embark intentionally on unanswerable questions because along the way answers to different questions are solved and the readers are presented with theories based on logic and reason presented by the philosopher - and whatever people choose to take from the table is the answer. Unique to everyone, as life is as unique to everyone.

  • Hi I'm Sara and im 11 and three quarters and i think it DOESN'T answer lifes big questions

    Because philosophy is not capable of solving them, they just think they are big-headed wierdos that know EVERYTHING but infact they know nothing and everyones opinion is entitled however i disagree with them and they THINK they know the answer to everything and god is an answer to the creation of LIFE,,,, NOT they should just stick all their so called knowledge up their non clever asses.

  • No, it can't

    No, I don't believe philosophy can answer life's big questions. What philosophy can do is give insight into life's big questions. Philosophy can explore the existence of God, our purpose in life and things like that. People have to read different philosopher's works and then decide the answers for themselves.

  • No, that's science's job.

    Philosophy is probably not able to answer life’s big questions. I think that philosophy helps answer inner problems to a person’s life or give them a viewpoint about life. The big questions should be left up to scientist. It’s because philosophers don’t have enough understanding on how the universe really works to be able to offer a sufficient answer.

  • No, I doubt it.

    Philosophy can answer a large quantity of questions, but I do no think it can answer our big questions. Some things in life are meant to be unanswered and remain mysterious. However, philosophy can come up with different theories and lead us to other minor questions that people can be satisfied with.

  • No, I don't think so.

    I don't believe that philosophy is really capable of solving life's big questions. The fact that philosophy does not really have a foundation in scientific principle leads me to believe that it can not necessarily be trusted. The philosophers do not have enough understanding of how the universe works, but rather what they believe it to be.

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