• yes they can

    yes, if a lot of people are out to enforce the laws that protect the species, then they can for sure be stopped from doing any more damage to the species than they already have. I think that they just need to make sure the rules are carried out good.

  • Poachers can be stopped from causing species loss

    With an increase in penalties against poachers and greater manpower to patrol at risk areas poachers can be stopped from causing species loss. There are many things that the government could do to protect endangered species from poachers if it put its mind to it and assigned enough important to the problem.

  • Yes, poachers can be stopped from causing a species loss.

    I think there are a lot of ways to stop poachers from causing species loss. First of all, I do not think that there is enough strict laws against illegal hunting. I also think that poachers who are caught should never be allowed to own a gun again. Poaching is something that countries need to work together to stop.

  • They will always try.

    No, poachers cannot be stopped from causing a species loss, because it is the tragedies of the commons. Where a good belongs to everyone, the person who is hunting has no incentive to leave enough of the animal to sustain the population. It is not until there is private property that poaching will stop.

  • Not enough money

    There is not enough money to spend for people to patrol the areas and to also keep theses animals safe. You would also have to keep track of all the current animals of the species. One of the only ways to do this would be to put animals in zoos but most animals have a hard time reproducing or becoming accustomed to a zoo atmosphere.

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