• I just had a debate concerning this issue.

    According to the outer space agreement, which seems to be the deciding factor in my debate concerning U.S. Colonization of Mars, Space is free to use for all nations for the benefit of mankind. If Poland has the means to travel into space, another nation cannot prevent them from doing so.

  • Not physically possible. Poland (going 5 feet under the surface) is 500 times heavier than Mt. Everest.

    Poland's geologic construct would make it both magnetically influenced and its incredible mass would make it much heavier due to gravity. There is not a single machine on earth that has neither the fuel nor the torque capacity to lift such a massive object into space. It may be argued that it could be broken up and taken in multiple trips. It would take all of the fossil fuels on the planet to raise only Warsaw, let alone the rest of the country.

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