Can policymakers make a dent in the deficit without affecting the majority of taxpayers?

  • Yes, they could

    With a few hours of digging you can find all kinds of dead money floating around in the government, a lot of it being tied to contracts for production of military items. We can put a huge dent in the deficit just by cleaning out money that's going towards things in a lot of cases we literally don't need and putting it towards clearing our debt.

  • Yes They Can

    I believe policymakers can make a dent in the deficit without affecting the majority of taxpayers. Cutting back the military, as we are planning, will actually make this very possible. Reducing those numbers will cut pay checks and also cut expenses associated with military service. I think we could look for ways to cut back pay rates for the politicians themselves and their expense accounts.

  • Tax payers will be affected

    I disagree that policy makers will be able to make a dent in the deficit without affecting the majority of tax payers because the majority of tax payers contribute the bulk amount of funds to go into government programs. Any policies that the policymakers come up with that requires funds will ultimately end up being paid by the majority of taxpayers.

  • It's our debt, we have to pay it off.

    Remember those first words in our most important government document? You know them: We The People. Well, "we" are the people and that debt is ours. In order to pay it off in a meaningful way, we need to make sacrificies. And yes, that means paying more taxes. It's gonna hurt.

  • No, they cannot

    And the taxpayers should be paying off this debt. Especially the rich ones who have had loopholes in place for decades and ridiculously low tax rates for people making as much money as they are. The majority of tax payers would have to be affected, but I would mostly hope it was the rich.

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