• Bismarck wrong. Politics CAN be an exact science.

    Eventually, all decisions should be made by computer evaluation rather than popular opinion. Initially someone would have to make judgements about what and why is important for a population, but even that can be made by computer evaluation. We have to programme in all the permutations and possible outcomes. Outcomes need to be accurately recorded and inputed and based on past outcomes, the computers will become more intuitative. (far more intuitative than humans). People can input their outcomes, problems and satisfactions themselves directly to paint an accurate picture of people's contentment levels.

  • Yes, political science can be analyzed objectively and scienticically.

    I definitely think that political science can be analyzed objectively and scientifically. I think that something like political science is an idea and set of beliefs that should be discussed among people. Being able to discuss topics like it are very important for people to come to an understanding about various subjects.

  • It can as long as people observe

    Once scientists try to inject their rational thought into the process, then it all goes out the window. You can also use it as a science on how people are going to vote from the polls. When you listen to all the different opinions is when you can't really form a scientific conclusion, as to how people think scientifically.

  • I suppose not

    Science is a study that deals with laws. constants and variables its these laws that used analyze, deduct,and conclude.Objectivity is therefore part of the process.Political science is not an exact science and hence not really subject to constants but a lot of variables.politlcal science deals with human behaviors and attitudes.

  • Cant put politics in a test tube

    Political science is always changing and going in different directions. There is no way to be able to predict an outcome with 100% certainty every time. Therefore to approach it like regular science would be wrong and would be a waste of time. You may be able to guess or lean a certain way but the purpose of science is that it is always constant.

  • Political science is not a science

    Political science can not be judged scientifically because it is a very complex subject. It can not be like math or science. When it is judged but it is studied differently by different people. Since people have different opinions about political matters, the topic is very difficult to judge without opinions

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