• yes they do

    Yes, a lot of the polls that we have out there today do a real good job of taking a guess at the person that is going to end up winning the election later on, and that they do a good job at making sure that the people are heard.

  • Polls, conducted correctly, can accurately predict results

    Polling is a scientific process with generally accepted rules and guidelines. As such, when conducted according to these high standards, polls can be quite accurate. The reason polling has come into question is a political one; many organizations use polls that are poorly designed, and intentionally or unintentionally push people to think or answer in a certain way. Examining polling methodology will usually let you see whether a poll is likely to be accurate or not.

  • Yes, I think polls can accurately predict election results.

    I think overall polls in today's day and age can reasonably predict who is going to win, I think in some instances when the polls are in the margin of error then it's a coin flip but besides that the election results really deviate from what the polls are saying.

  • They were right in 2012.

    Yes, polls can accurately predict election results, because they have been right most of the time. Polls were correct when Obama defeated Romney in 2012. Polls were correct when Bush defeated Kerry before that. Polls have been done for years, and those who do them know what they are doing. They are usually correct.

  • No They Can't

    I believe polls are useful to indicate what direction people may be going in, as far as elections, but I don't think they can accurately predict elections. The reason for this is two-fold. There will always be people who change their mind at the time of voting and there will always be people who won't make up their mind until they actually vote.

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