• He will bring healing through prayer.

    Yes, I believe Pope Francis can heal Rome's divisions. He is a simple man and a holy man. He has already shown us the importance of prayer and I believe that he will be the man who will be able to bring Rome together. He will bring healing through prayer.

  • Yes, Pope Francis can heal Rome's divisions.

    Yes, I believe that Pope Francis can heal Rome's divisions. Over the course of the past few years, Catholicism and the people that practice it have been the subject of numerous scandals, mainly involving those stemming from sexual abuse. Among the highest critics are the citizens of Rome, and if Pope Francis vows to make the Catholic religion a more transparent and open organization, he can very well heal Rome's divisions.

  • No he won't be able to heal the divisions, but he will be able to help.

    There are too many differences in opinions on how the church should be run. While he is the Pope and will be in charge of fixing some of the problems he can't force people to feel different. Again he can influence those feelings, but probably not change a century of differing beliefs. One of the big ones he probably won't fix is gay marriage. Too many people believe that it should be allowed and he already spoke out strongly against it.

  • No, he cannot.

    While I think that the new Pope Francis is capable of doing a great number of things, I do not think that he can bridge the divide or heal the rift between the divisions in Rome. Some things are simply too large and ingrained to overcome, and this is one such thing.

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