• Sure it could

    It's going to damage your lungs if you are smoking it, so what do you think will happen if your body is trying to fight off cancer in a weakened part of your body.

    I'm not saying it's the worst thing you could smoke but it's sure not going to help you not get cancer if you taking smoke into your lungs and decreasing your immune system.

  • No.

    Pot does not, and never has caused lung cancer. It is a natural plant that is not manufactured in a warehouse like cigarettes. No carcinogens or addictive chemicals are added to it , it is just a plant. There also has never been one recorded account of anyone getting lung cancer from marijuana.

  • Exactly

    It's not the pot that has the potential to cause lung cancer, it's the inhaling the raw combustible product of anything burning directly into your lungs that causes health risks i.e. lung cancer. If you ingested pot, rather than inhaling it...would you still worry about getting lung cancer? With that being said, if you still think it's the pot me something else that you can burn and inhale directly into your lungs several times a day for years that won't cause adverse respiratory and heart problems.

  • Inhaling smoke causes cancer. Cannibinoids do not.

    "pot" has a very large number of delivery methods, many of which neither require or even strongly imply inhalation of smoke. Because pot use is not causal of (necessary and sufficient to require) smoke inhalation, and because smoke inhalation is the causal agent of the cancer in question, pot use is not causal of cancer.

    Otherwise, almost anything may be said to be able to cause cancer, at least if done in a way that involves exposure to carcinogens.

  • Natural.

    No, pot cannot cause lung cancer. Smoking is not healthy but pot is an herb, a plant. It is totally natural and does not contain anything toxic that will harm you to that degree. I do not support the use of this drug, but it cannot cause this type of illness.

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