Can poverty be reduced through a community based approach?

  • Yes, poverty can be reduced through a community based approach.

    Poverty is a very severe problem in the world today. The only way that poverty can be greatly effected is through a community approach. Bringing a large group of people together, will bring a large amount of ideas to help too. Together, they would have a better chance at reducing poverty.

  • Yes It Can

    I believe poverty can be reduced through a community based approach, IF everyone participates and helps. If you can imagine a small community where poverty exist, if all people within the community help, the people in poverty could be helped to figure out their role within the community. Small business owners could offer these people living wages, or community service jobs could be found for them.

  • Yes, but it takes a lot of cooperation.

    We probably do not have what it takes to cooperate this way, but if communities would be willing to come together, they could provide the opportunities for youngsters that would enable them to have a better future. Poverty could be reduced, but it would probably take more effort than we're willing to put in.

  • Poverty can be reduced through a community based approach.

    Poverty can be reduced through a community based approach. Anything that can help the poverty rates at a local level can influence people to change their behavior. A community that creates more local jobs and tries to help their residents will have a lot more positive approach than anything that will ever come out of Washington.

  • When Everyone Helps, Everyone Wins

    Poverty can be reduced and even eliminated if everyone in the community is on board. Churches, charities and business leaders all must help to provide housing, food and jobs for those who need it the most. Unfortunately, the government doesn't help very much and many people would rather live on welfare. It's time for everyone to pitch in and help those who need it most.

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