Can poverty in the developing world ever be ended?

  • But not completely

    Poverty will never be completely removed from the reality of the world; even if people today view the future is lacking in poverty, any sort of inequality will be perceived as poverty at the bottom, since people really do get used to what they have and immediately covet other people's stuff.

  • Advances in society and technology will end poverty.

    Across the developing world positive societal changes are occurring. Education, including literacy, has never been higher. This is leading to better governance and sound economic policies. It also means better family planning. At the same time technology is creating increased food yields and higher productivity. As a result, foods and basic necessities that were once unattainable are becoming common place in even the poorest countries. The combination of these societal and technological advances will eventually end poverty as we know it.

  • Yes, but it will be difficult.

    I believe we can put an end to poverty in developing countries. People need to be aware of what goes on in the world beyond their immediate backyard. I believe a program needs to be put in place to make the world more aware of the absolutely horrible conditions these people are forced to live in. There are so many scenarios that could be used to improve conditions for them. We just need volunteers to commit.

  • With free governments.

    Yes, poverty in the developing world can be ended, because it is just a matter of putting the private property rights into place that exist in the developed countries. The governments of poor countries tend to be very corrupt. People are not able to do the things that they want to do, and be assured of their private property rights, or the money that they earn. Fix this, and poverty will end on its own.

  • Handouts are easier.

    Corrupt governments will keep their countries in poverty becuase then it's easier to ask for money from more advanced nations. Look at how rich those politicans are in the third world countries. Poverty, diseases, famine, lack of medical care, all that pulls in billions of revenue, for the politicians anyway.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I believe poverty is something the world will always have to deal with. There will always be people in this world who feel they deserve more, even if that equates to someone starving to death. If wealth could be spread equally among all people there may be a slim possibility.

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