• Obama Can Be Trusted

    To question the trustworthiness of a president is insane, and I am a conservative. This man has earned our respect through hard work. If you don't agree with his policies that doesn't mean he can't be trusted. If anything, the people behind him with money and influence are the real threat. Obama has done nothing to warrant such an image.

  • Yes, he can be trusted.

    President Obama has already proven to help this country in the past 4 years that he was in office. I feel like if he can't be trusted, so many mistakes would have been made and this country could have been driven into the ground quite quickly. I find him to be a trustworthy man and look forward to more positive changes he will bring this country.

  • Because obama is cool

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  • Because obama is cool

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  • I don't see why not

    One of the most common arguments against Obama is that he's a liar. It never gets more specific than that, just that lies. Benghazi wasn't a lie, there was a disagreement between the State Department and the CIA, so even if there was a lie Obama wasn't part of it. Sure he has his secrets, but what President hasn't? Kennedy had affairs and did drugs yet he's seen as a great president.

    Posted by: WSB
  • Lies too much

    Does not keep his promises, tells lies, and his cabinet does the same. For example, Obamacare. The cost is sky rocketing, penalties on people who can bare make ends meet, and his system will wreck the economy. Just like George Bush. The biggest lie, Obama said he was a Christian, but his actions show that Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • I do not trust a LIAR

    Integrity is what a President is supposed to stand for and for Americans to trust! When a lie of this nature is uncovered, where do we go from here? When a friend lies to you, do you not question the friendship? We need to trust our President and this is a question of integrity and our best interest. My Grandmother always said, "Once a liar, always a liar". No offense, but it is my opinion, too.

  • Trust is nonexistent

    All one has to do is judge him by his actions, from the day he became a Senator in IL. He has lied from day one about his past or hid it. He will not take responsibility for any actions that resulted in either a screw up or didn't produce the results he claimed. He disrespects the Constitution and ignores any court decree that doesn't go his way.

  • Obama can't be trusted

    He has done nothing but lie to the American people since he came on the scene.
    He is a Sunni Muslim who is trying to destroy us from within. He claims to be a Christian... He lies. He told the American people that we would all have Insurance. Lied again.

  • Lost, no idea

    A liberal lost in the reality of existence. Idealist who cannot contemplate that other people may view the risk of him being wrong as a reasonable argument for moderation. Has not figured out what a democracy is. Might work well as an enlightened monarch in 1700 European state. Modern existence is more complicated. What can I say... Good attempt but no cigar. Lead, follow or get out of the way!

  • Obama cannot be trusted.

    Something doesn't seem right about any of this. He is giving other countries millions and billions of dollars while we the United States sit here in complete debt and struggle. Since he was appointed leader our economy has reached an all-time low, millions of people without jobs, hundreds of thousands filing for bankruptcy, I could go on and on. Obama is a fraud.

  • Obama willfully lies on a regular basis.

    We expect the President to possess credibility and integrity. For the last month, the President has willfully lied in protecting the dire impacts of the Sequestration. This culminates in the issue of four pinnochios by the Washington Post. I once thought President Obama was a man of honor and integrity. I was wrong.

  • No

    Obama promised change last election yet it never came. He passed a unconstitutional law that violates our rights. He has lied before what will make him any different then before. His birth certificate has multiple layers on it and parts blacked out. What is he trying to hide? Is it that he is not a citizen?

  • No

    Outside of the area of social and religious values President Obama has also failed in the area of foreign and domestic policy. A few examples will suffice. The unprecedented number of drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan which has led to record highs in the number of deaths of innocent muslim civilians, women and children in both countries. The alienation of Pakistan and Afghanistan as key allies in the war against terror. The destabilisation of north Africa and the opening of the door for islamist insurgents in the north African Arab Sahel states and the west African sub-region. The display of weakness and procrastination before Iran and it's covert agenda to build a nuclear bomb.

  • President Obama cannot be trusted

    President Obama promised all American citizens that if he was to get elected President in 2008 that he would fight to keep taxes cut and assured us that he would make it his mission to find a way to provide more jobs to those out of work. He has failed to do almost everything he promised and you would be quite wise to not believe all or much of what he says he will do for the American people

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