• NO, End of story

    Football is dangerous. Don't like it, watch soccer or field hockey. To change the rules and or equipment would sacrifice the integrity of the game and the purpose behind it. Football is a dangerous sport and it will most likely stay that way. Its the modern day Colosseum games, except no death.

  • The school can buy equipment for the sports team

    There would not be any more main or severe injuries. These injuries may occur during a game in progress . The school would have to pay for the injuries. It would cost a lot more to pay for a doctor than to buy proper equipment. In conclusion we should have proper equipment for sports.

  • Pro Football as a Safer Sport

    Believing that Pro Football could be a safer sport is absurd. I know of none who would be satisfied with a change in the game. In order to make the sport safer there would have to be change. Football has been around too long for the sport lovers to accept change of any kind.

  • Pro football cannot be made safe.

    Football is fundamentally a dangerous sport. It involves tackling as a key element of the game. Any method for removing the violence from the game would change the very nature of the way it is played. Peolpe should either be able to enjoy the sport for what it is, or ban it all together.

  • No

    Due to the nature of football there is no way that the sport could be made more safe. If they were somehow able to make every player completely safe, the sport would not be football anymore, it would also likely to be seen as entertaining anymore. To me, it seems like an impossible task.

  • It Cannot Be Safe

    Pro football cannot be made safe. It goes against the concept of the sport and how the game is played. Football players go on the field with the intention to hurt the opposition. No matter what rules are implemented in the sport, this will not change. Football is meant to be violent.

  • No, football is a dangerous sport

    No, pro football can not be made completely safe. Football, as a sport is inherently dangerous. When men that large are jumping on each other, and trying to pull each other down, people are going to get hurt now and then. It can be made safer, with proper equipment, and tougher calls on deliberate hits, but it can't be made 100 % safe.

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