• Yes there is a way

    Guardian's is the answer to all of this yes the team cost might go up but to keep a player safe it is worth it and plus it will make the game more fun knowing that your head is safe with a helmet and guardian padding so yes there is a way

  • No: Professional Football Can Never Be Truly Safe

    Life comes with all sorts of risks, and it might be said that few things we do are ever truly safe. That being said, pro football will always carry risks well beyond everyday activities, and even many other sports. The act of strengthening yourself in order to better hurl yourself a other people will alway pose a physical danger, in spite of improvements in equipment and medical advances.

  • Concussions are a part of football

    Football is a sport that involves hard hits and speed, and therefore will never be completely safe. Concussion education for both coaches and players will help reduce injuries, but professional football players will always push the limits. It is part of the nature of a professional athlete to want to be the best, and sometimes that involves bending the rules.

  • Professional football can never be really safe

    The reality of any athletic sport is that its not safe. Something as fast and low impact as the 40 yard dash could injure an athlete. There are so many things that can go wrong with physical activity, that we really shouldn't ever move at all. I jest of course. Physical activity is one of only a few things that we have yet to avoid as inheritance from our ancestors. We can get rid of the unibrow, but our need for movement is ever necessary. This necessity leads to contests, which evolve into sports. That is the fact of the matter. Sports are necessary because they are dangerous.

  • Professional football can never be truly safe

    Professional football can never be truly safe. To make the game safer would mean to make the game more boring, and their fans would be most disappointed with this. I believe every sport has its net of safety and threshold for safety, and that accidents can and will happen from time to time. Even safe sports still have accidents occuring from time to time.

  • No, It Can't

    Playing professional football comes with inherent risks and these players receive large amounts of compensation which should cover these risks with pay. There is no way to completely remove these risks and football will never be inherently safe. Suggesting that it could be is a fools errand. Players should plan on getting injured rather than acting like they shouldn't be.

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