• Absolutely they can help cure depression

    The only true cure from depression comes from within. Psilocybin can help individuals get to a state where they can look deep in the mind and their past allowing them to get to the core of their issue. In order for one to go from depressed to happy is to change or remove the obstacle that is making one unhappy. An antidepressant merely masks the brains ability to alert the body something is wrong.

  • Cure is a strong word, but yes, more or less.

    When used in the proper setting and with appropriate supervision, experimenters have found repeatedly that psilocybin, the active chemical in "magic mushrooms" is phenomenally effective in treating at least a few kinds of depression and anxiety.

    A single administration of psilocybin has been shown in some studies to be rated by the user as one of the most profound and meaningful and positively life-altering experiences of their entire lives. Often after one or two treatments, the subject has learned to think about things differently and has more or less "overcome" their depression, without need for further treatments.

    Here is an interesting article:

    Here is a Ted Talk featuring Johns Hopkins Researcher Roland Griffiths:

    Here's a mini-documentary on the recent resurgence in psychedelic research:

  • It can help with symptoms

    Psilocybin can help a person with depression to mitigate his or her depression symptoms. However, no drug can adequately relieve a person of the causes of a person's depression. Drugs cannot replace the life experiences that have caused a persons depression. They can only help to control symptoms of depression.

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