• Yes, we need more quiet.

    With the whole world at this point buzzing and ringing and beeping and playing music and videos, we do not realize how devoid of quiet space we actually are as a culture. So yes there should be more spots in any public area where people can just sit or stand or walk without noise because silence is the beginning of wisdom and calm.

  • Yes quiet areas serve a purpose

    Public spaces could definitly benefit from more quiet areas. Quiet areas are a great place for people to do a lot of things from taking a basic rest, reading, relaxing, doing puzzles, or anything else. There is a great demand for quiet places in public spots and they are a good idea.

  • Yes it does not all have to be loud

    Yes quiet areas can be very good for the public. Most people live a crazy on the go life. If there were more placess in public that they could go and relax quietly it would be a big help for the overall health and mood of this country. It is a good use of public space.

  • Public Space Could Benefit From Quiet Areas

    Yes, public space could benefit from more quiet areas. While the hustle and bustle of day to day life can be comforting in its own way, having a quiet area like a park where one can sit down and read a book or listen to headphones uninterrupted is a great thing

  • Yes,public spaces can benefit from from quiet areas.

    Yes,public spaces can definitely benefit from quiet areas.People can always benefit from extra meditative time and public quiet areas would be perfect for activities like prayer and meditation.The problem might be to be integrate public quiet areas with other public activities that might be more noisy like a playground or basketball court.

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