• Yeah I vote yes

    Pugs are small, cute, innocent and unsuspecting. They could easily be trained as an undercover police dog. They have big eyes so they can spot trouble where ever it occurs. They can bite the ankles of the robber that is running away instead of mauling them to death. Pugs are definitely less lethal and more effective.

  • Police need pugs

    Yes because Pugs have good smell,are easy to train,can fit through small gaps, are small,and the criminal will never suspect a pug as a Police dog!! ! , ! , ! , ! ,! ,! ,! ,! ,! ,! ,! . . . . , . . . . .

  • Pugs will RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Good Sniffers, Small Package

    Pugs probably couldn't be killer attack dogs, but their sniffers could possibly be used to detect drugs and people. Any dog can be a police dog as long as they are trainable and can accurately sense different smells with their noses. Pugs are smaller than German shepherds and can fit in a squad car easier, plus they eat less. Just watch out for their eyes that stick out.

  • Pugs have good senses

    Many pugs have a very strong sense of smell. Pugs are very trainable and have good memory. Pugs are able to identify many unique smells. Pugs also can help with work that requires a detective to go undercover. Pugs can be used to make someone look less threatening and approachable.

  • No, despite all the cuteness

    Cute as they are, pugs can't serve as police dogs. They are simply not strong enough. Due to their short muzzle, pugs quickly get out of breath. If you've had a pug or know someone who has one, you have probably seen how a pug starts panting even after a short walk.

  • Better candidates available

    Pugs aren't terrible, but there are simply better dogs. You could instead use basset hounds, beagles, spaniels, hounds, terriers, and other breeds that are more active, bred specifically for scenting, could also be trained to attack and more effectively, and also look just as cute and unsuspecting. As adorable as pugs are, they just aren't the best police dogs.

  • Pugs are to cute

    You will not beable to see your pug very often because they will be at the police academey until your sister or brother comes home form the academey which is there work place and you will not be able to see your cute little pug and that is why I say no

  • Sorry, but no.

    Pugs are adorable. Pugs are definitely my favorite dog breed, but in all seriousness, they are way too small. Pugs just aren't built to be police dogs. They would look so cute in the uniform, though! I need to go dress my pug in one right this very second! ZOEY!

  • They are to ugly

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