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  • Unfortunately, it can't.

    Racism cannot be eliminated. The reason many people our racists relies in our basic human nature to both consciously and unconsciously create shortcuts in our mind that help us quickly assess whether or not someone is a threat or not. For instance, if I realize that as I walk down the street, every blue man that I approach will hit me, then my mind creates the shortcut that I should avoid blue men. If I realize that every orange person will give me Willy Wonka chocolate, then my mind creates the shortcut that I should approach the orange man for chocolate. Unfortunately, in our society, media such as television, facebook, youtube, and other places are where people are creating these shortcuts. The issue with that is that the media is constantly manipulating and portraying different races (and other groups, i.E gender, sexual orientation, etc) in a bias way and they are only getting better at it. I think that we are moving in the right direction and continuously will be as people learn that there are ALWAYS exceptions to ANY stereotype that is created about a group of people. But to say that there would ever be 0% racism is unfortunately a fairytale belief to me.

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