• Usually no, but in the wrong/right circumstances yes.

    If I was in Iraq, and they saw me, they would be justified to deem me a threat until proven otherwise. To me it is only if the racism is using common sense to make a logic based decision. If a white guy walks through the bad part of Compton, California confidentally, he should get a second glance initially at least. If you live in an all white gated community and see 2 black guys wearing Krypt or Blood insignia and flashing hand signs at each other, looking at race is a part of the discernment. You know something is logically wrong. Now if it is simply a hatred for anyone of that race, I would say that is ignorant and wrong. If my neighbor were African American and I knew he was supposed to be in my neighborhood, I wouldn't have a negative conotation towards them. But there is a reason I stay out of certain areas of the metro I live in, and parts of it are race based, but that is to protect myself and use common sense. I know that I would not be welcome there and that it would be dangerous for me. But a hatred of individuals based on race alone? No, that is not okay by me.


  • Of course it is.

    Racism is how all the different races exist in the first place. Without it, human evolution would have been very different, without diversity. Whether you're black, white, or anything in between, you wouldn't exist as who you are today, if racism hadn't been there in your ancestry. Additionally, regardless of your race, culture, beliefs, there is a feeling of security that all people get from being among others with whom they share all of those things. There's nothing wrong with that, and nothing wrong with liking your own race. It's not a free license to go out and harm others, and it doesn't mean hate or disrespect of other races.

  • Natural human instinct is to be wary of anything different

    Even if on a conscious level you feel you harbor no hatred towards anyone the likelihood that your primal subconscious is making multiple deductions to decide if the person in front of you is a threat, so even though you can educate yourself to deny generalizations if you dig deep enough it will always be there . Be safe to survive and take risks to thrive.

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  • No way Jose.

    Racism is a mental illness where the holder of said racist beliefs has delusions that the human race is a group of races and that one or more are better or worse than the others. Treatment can be in the form of faith, education, counseling, and acceptance of the fact that we are all one human race. I used to be a racist and now I fight for unity.

  • There is no such thing as race

    From a biological standpoint, race does not exist. People with brown skin are the same species people with lighter or 'white' skin. The notion of 'race' in humans is as facile a notion as the terms we use to refer to said races such as 'white' 'black' and the more outdated 'yellow.' I've never seen a purely 'white' person, and if I did, I'd probably run away screaming, or at least ask them if they were okay ('white' people tend to go really pale/green when very ill or dead hence the fear). These things are metaphors, just like the word 'race.' It is simply the best word to describe the phenomenon of differing skin tone. No one is arguing that people with red hair or blue eyes are a different race and whether or not 'racism' against those groups is justified, so why is it that skin tone is argued as such? Ignorance, of course. The question then, is faulty, and as such race cannot be justified as a function of the erroneous application and the faulty logic associated with it. The question should be "Is it justified to hate other cultures?" because that is more the subtext of the question. If the question is not valid to begin with, then purely from a logical standpoint, those that would answer it in the affirmative have by necessity already been proven to be incorrect.

  • I've literally never wanted to vomit more in my life.

    Racism is never justified. As in, ever. Most white people do have subtle bias of other white people over POCs, but that's not something you should passively accept as a function of life. If you see black people in your neighborhood and your first thought is fear and anger, that is a problem. That is not a part of your life, that is a flawed, racist thought process that should be challenged.

  • Race is a myth

    First of all, there is no such thing as 'race' in human beings, there is not a black race, a white race, or any other such distinction from a biological point of view. Saying that a person with 'white' skin and a person with black skin is as facile and incorrect as the colors we use to describe these conditions, and is akin to saying that people with blue eyes are a different species than people with brown eyes. A misconception can never be justified except under the auspices of ignorance and even then, it can only be justified as a phenomenon and the precursor for education. Asking if racism can be justified is like asking if it is okay to put a piece of buttered bread into a toaster. If a child does it because he/she doesn't know any better then its justified insofar as he/she might have not known better. What the question is really asking then, is 'is it okay to hate other cultures?' because like I pointed out, Black people are not a different race, but more often than not do not share CULTURE in common with whites, or with any of the other so called 'races.' However, I will not get into that, as I have made my case for this question in particular; if there is no such thing as race, then from a strictly logical point of view, it cannot be justified. How can something that is wholly a misconception possibly have a practical and logical application?

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