• It still can't be avoided its neutral however if u mean people change then yes

    One thing its cannot avoided its because they're so many judgemental in this world i mean people are naturally judging people however in this generation people now change black people fight for themselves and should undestand they also amazing as many people do it's just something unique about them ONE THIS I AGREE NOT BECAUSE IT CAN PREVENTED BUT BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE WIDE MINDSET EVEN YOU THINK YOU NOT YES PEOPLE CAN BE OPINIONATED, CLOSE MINDED, STUPID BUT ENOUGH TO BE INTELLIGENT SMART AND OPEN-MINDED THAN ANIMALS

  • Yes, It can

    I say that we should just go back to the days of 1932, When literally EVERYTHING was black and white. That way, It doesn't really matter what color you are or used to be. Either that, Or we just have everyone become color-blind at a very young age. There. Win-win.

  • Yes, Yes it can.

    Making it outlawed is wrong, I agree with that. It breaks a Amendment anyway. But racism is unfair. Its not peoples faults they are what they are. Some people have white skin, Not they're fault. Some people have black skin, Not they're fault either. Some people are asian, Not they're fault. Get my point? No one can make these descisons.

  • It will change hands, , , Thats all

    From who is racist in the past to them becoming rascist themselves.
    Blame, Continual brainwashing etc will reverse the roles. Those that suffered racism before are being formed to hate and blame the other far too much. No middle ground in this world. Your to blame for the past and you will pay attitude will provail. Already happening.

    Posted by: trax
  • No you can't change it

    You can't just tell someone that racism is not ok that won't just change their minds if they are stuck on being racist you can't change that. Like no one has ever changed their minds in the protests and debates it is a mindset they have just like everyone else has there own biases and stuff you can try to change it but it won't work we have been a racist country forever and sure it has gotten much better but racism won't be changing anytime soon

  • You can't change people's opinions

    Some people believe they it is possible to prevent racism today because they are convinced they can change peoples minds. This isn't possible to happen because at the end of the day people believe what they want, And nobody can change that. This means that peoples mindsets are incorrect and educational schools and social media needs to change.

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