• I love being racist!!! I'm suffering from Sinophobia

    As a beautiful white female who has ancestry that came from the European countries (all white people are beautiful looking) I always have a fear of Asian people who are Jackie Chan Lucy Liu look a alikes. I've heard that Asian people are Devil raised and demonic and they are also badly behaved and they are more likely to make bad parents then White parents. Even better, God should not make Asian people and one day, if there is deadly disease that can kill people it should try and turn Asian freaks into bloody zombies and we can get rid of them.

  • Racism is natural and good

    How can someone say that Blacks (who have lower average IQs, commit more crimes and have never contributed anything useful to humanity, have trash culture ie. Rap, promiscuity, always lowed and obnoxious) are equal with Whites/East Asians (who have had successful civilizaitons, civilized, cultures based on success, invented 99% of everything useful to humanity, highest average IQ's on the planet, etc.)

  • Racism is good

    Racism is a matter of patriotic and nationalist prosperity. The US is OUR nation, don't let these ethnic minorities steal your jobs and rape your fellow citizens. If we removed ethnic minorities, gang crime rates will drop significantly and the streets would be much safer from drugs and violence. Our nations capital Washington D.C. Has an ethnic minority of Africans which is the majority of the capitol. That's right, OUR nations capital has a higher percentage of Africans than White people! This shows how the riots in Baltimore turned so violent, it was a black community like Harlem of Ferguson. I'm a nationalist and I do not support ethnic minorities and want to see them deported. This is only my opinion and thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • Yes, I believe that racism can be good sometimes, and all it needs is a positive perspective.

    Racism tends to unite people. It brings out individuality at the same time. If we look at it in a positive view we all will see that very clearly. Mr. Nelson Mandela, M.K.Gandhi, they both led one of the world's largest mass movements. They told people (of different sections of society) how common they were on the basis of their race. And in a sort of way we can say racism destroys racism. (But remember the difference b/t good racism and the bad one.) It brings feelings of brotherhood, patriotism and nationalism...

  • Racism does exist, and we can't and shouldn't do anything about it.

    I DO NOT support racism or condone any crimes based on racism (killing, vandalism, etc). The thing is, racism exists within one's own mind. It is nobody's right to alter how that person feels. You cannot simply make them change their views. You cannot ban racism. I don't like racism being used as a way to discriminate, but the truth is: every race is different. There is a substantial IQ gap. A white person is not the same as black person, both culturally (not in every case) and always genetically. Stereotypes are based on truths! Anyways, I don't support racism. However, I support the freedom to express racism, if that makes any sense. And yes, "reverse racism" does exist.

  • Racism can be great

    As a staunch Nationalist I believe that all races are different. I don't support racism per say, but I do support racialism. While racism is prejudice, racialism is the understanding of biology, and of how all races are different. If racism allows us to complete our goal of total ethnic segregation, then it is a good thing.

  • Yes it is the best thing

    Egalitarianism is the death of all cultures by mixing them all together and creating one race to "end" racism. Forcing this on all cultures in the world in an attempt to end racism will just make it worse. If we don't actively seek out to protect and defend our cultures and keep ourselves different, then all the history of our people and who we are as a people disappears and we become cultureless. Giving people like the jews free reign to force their culture on us, while we struggle to comprehend what culture or an ethnic people even is. We will be too mixed to even understand it anymore, and by then it will be too late, all cultures will be mixed and we will be whatever culture can still remember who they are.

  • Of course, if you love yourself.

    It is. It is only matter of time now, non whites out number whites 60% to 40%. There is more of them then us and eventually there will be no more white people left on the planet,and until that happens I would like my grandchildren to have some resemblance to me. We will be smudged out because we aren't "racist"enough.

  • It can be when freeing yourself

    Like anything racism is good in self-defense such as defending your group when insulted. Defending your race by using racism as a tool is good. Racism is good as a means but not an end. Does the end justify the means and the answer is only when you are out of other options. So racism is good when out of options to retain integrity.

  • Racism can definitely be a good thing.

    Its just another way to unite people and believe that they belong. Throughout history, and even today, people have been restored of their confidence by knowing that they belong with a race of citizens. For example, Mahatma Gandhi lead a mass movement by influencing his people to believe that they are who they are because of race.

  • If you think racism is good, you're probably white.

    There is just no way that living in a world where people get judged by the color of their skin is a good thing. Not all white people are good, not all colored people are bad. Mexicans are not here to take your jobs and a black man in the night is not any more likely to take your purse than a white man. You are simply an ignorant asshole who thinks it's funny to make people feel like they are less than you are worth. If you think this is funny you have a very dark humor. Please look around you and see that this is 2016 and we should do better than this at interacting with the people we share the world with. I hope you have a nice day, but if you're racist please take your phone or computer or whatever you are using to read this and shove it up your ass.

  • Racism is Not Human.

    Although racism is a part of our daily live, it can make us lose our humanity. Discriminating other based on the color of their skin or ethnicity is not right. Religion is the main reason for racism. It can cause us to trust a false creator such as god, like Jesus or Allah, it creates a false belief that makes us believe that everyone is different which is true, but we need to except everyone as a human being, not a black, white, yellow, or any other such unnecessary labels. We were all created for a sole single purpose, just like any other species on this planet, to survive. We do not need to discriminate and push out other types of our race to succeed in surviving. This is all I have to say.
    P.S. - Im 16, and im still not as racist as you religious freaks.

  • Just Think about it.

    Sure it may bring humor to some, yet it hurts too many people in the process. Sure cultures may be different but that shouldn't stop people from feeling safe around each other. When Thomas Jefferson was president his reason for not being involved in the french revolution was to keep peace, not to take sides. My point is that even one of our earliest presidents thought that peace amongst the different ideas or perspective of things was needed. Secondly there are many great people from every culture/race/country, from India you have Muhammad Gandhi, from Germany you have Albert Einstein, from A Mexican Heritage you have Cesar Chavez etc.

  • We are all humans

    Racism is putting a label on one group. Not all Asians are smart. Not all Black people are on welfare. Lastly NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST. I'm not even white and I can say that because its true. Racism is judging someone on the color of their skin. What if we all put a label on the whole human race? Then people will start caring a little more.

  • Yes, it can!

    We see racism and races in a lot of video games like Need For Speed and Gran Turismo, and no one complains. Just like rapists are good because they make rap music, and all music is good, music is parts of us humans lives, we can't live without it. So yes, it is good.

  • Racism is straight EVIL!

    Racism is discriminating against someone because of their race and/or culture. How can that ever be a good thing!? If someone were racist to you and abused you for being a certain race and/or culture, I'm pretty sure everyone would be against racism. Racism keeps people from creating opportunities and from creating a better world. If racism ended, everyone could freely get along with each other and everyone could have your back. There shouldn't be a debate as to whether racism is bad or good. It's completely devilish. I consider everyone who is racist a demon...... And that's the truth!

  • Definition of Racism

    Racism is the descrimination of another person based specifically on there race. You see descrimination is a bad thing unless you have a reason for example they murdered your family. But based purly on race in rediculas because everyone is equal and nobody should be valued over one other based on race

  • Honestly why would you even think

    Racism is a good thing? The argument about how it unites people is fair however if racism is completely eradicated from this earth don't you think that all races would've already been in harmony already? I feel that racism is a horrible thing. Minor ethnics are not stealing your job they are doing the dirty work for all of you while all of you are thinking you're too good for this world. Saying that these minorities are the ones who are raping, stealing etc is wrong. If you are saying these kinds of things then I have a question for you. How about these white people shooting up schools and threatening to shoot any black person they see on campus? They are not a minority but they are still causing violence and havoc.

  • No,racism is bad.

    Racism is still in America. As an experiencer of racism myself (some person telling me to go back to China and eat "wong ching chong" soup), I say it feels terrible. Like someone hates you because of this one little thing. Yes, racism can bring bonds between the same race, but what about friendships with other races? Are we willing to let all of those crumble because racism brings bonds with our own race? Also, it is the belief that you are better because of your skin color/nationality. What exactly makes you think that? One person said that the Bible said that. But remember, the Bible was also written to believe that men are always superior, and in a time when people were both sexist and racist. The Bible is also not a reliable source. How do we know it's true? But I am straying from the topic. Racism is the act of being condescending because of your skin color/nationality. What makes your skin color/nationality the judge? What makes my race important in my equality? It does not.

  • It is bad. Period.

    It is bad because no one should be judged by their appearance. It is evil, wicked bad horrible unholy lousy judgement made by racists. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Racism is bad. Period. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah a blah a blah blah blah blah.

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