• Cultural Change is Possible

    Anyone who sees human beings as self-determining individuals realizes that culture is born of the interactions of these very human lives. Building a life enhancing culture for all inhabitants of South African will be difficult no doubt. The difference between the difficult and the impossible can be made by the very human lives of those committed to an egalitarian society. The quality of life for all residents of this country depends on their coming to an appreciation of the giftedness of all peoples.

  • The eradication of racism is possible.

    Even though racism has been an unfortunately strong institution in South Africa, this mindset can be eliminated if those in a position of leadership start to enforce the principles of equality. Of course, there will be people who will oppose this, especially initially. But just as people followed the lead of those in authority when it comes to implementing racism, the same methods can be used to reverse racism in South Africa.

  • From a REALIST perspective, racism can never truly be eradicated.

    As long as people regardless if they are from South Africa or somewhere else have a personal opinion that may rub some people the wrong way, racism thrives as a result. To truly eradicate it, one must be willing to look past the shell of a soul and see their true potential underneath. Then you will see that GOD created everyone regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation the same way.

  • No racism is always going to be around.

    No, I do not believe that racism will ever be eradicated in South Africa. It just takes one person to convince others that it is right to believe this way. Although i personally do not believe in racism, many do. The "blacks" and "whites" have always had problems getting along, it just takes one person.

  • Racism in South America can never be eradicated.

    As long as there is one person who is a racist, their thoughts will be put into the minds of others and doubt will be there. There will always be racism in South America between the "whites" and the "blacks." It is a shame people can not carry a civil tongue when it comes to other people.

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