• Yes, Wikipedia can be trusted.

    Wikipedia is a reliable source that us constantly being updated so its facts are up to date. Also Wikipedia sites its claims and you can easily check those sources. As Wikipedia puts their sources on the page it can be trusted. Though readers can add incorrect information, the moderators usually check the sources and see if they have good information.

  • Articles with good sources can be trusted

    Yes, every now and then there's mischief resulting from the ability for readers to edit articles. But, most of the time they are corrected by a moderator then the vandal is banned. There's also a list of cited sources on the bottom of the article that you can check to confirm the credibility.

  • They aren't Stupid

    Yes, you can edit wiki, but I've always got reliable info on it, and are they so stupid they'd allow someone to delete 5 pages of info, save it, and then just say "whatever"? I'd really hope they'd confirm with the people that work with them, and monitor when that happens, and in elementary it was ok, then suddenly in middle school you couldn't use it, but our teachers were basically like NO, not reliable, we have no real proof for you, but NO, i said no.

  • It's all in how you use it.

    Wikipedia is basically a more well-written version of any dozens of clickbait websites. Entertaining to read, sometimes factual, but should be taken with a grain of salt. The better moderated articles will have a links section with citations. If you read something you want to cite on Wikipedia, find the corresponding citation at the bottom of the page, visit it, and cite that instead.

  • Yes, I think they can

    I don't think they should take everything on there and just copy and paste it as facts. They have references at the bottom for a reason. If you look at them, like any other fact, it should show the truth of the matter. If you think its 100 percent correct all the time, you would be wrong.

  • Yes, in general, Wikipedia is trustworthy.

    Because Wikipedia is constantly capable of being updated by people knowledgeable in their respective fields, I do believe it is trustworthy. You have to be aware that it is only as good as its contributors, though, especially in cases of controversy about the subject matter. As a result of this issue, it is capable of containing false or misleading information until somebody bothers to correct it.

  • No, user-generated content should not be trusted

    While much of the information found on Wikipedia is accurate, readers should not assume that everything found on the site is fact. Since users are able to add and edit information on the page, it is often changed to present wrong information. Readers should find more legitimate, authority sources if they need factual information.

  • No, readers can't trust Wikipead.

    I do not think that readers can trust Wikipedia. The site Wikipedia is not allowed to be used as a reference for college assignments for good reason. It's because it can't be trusted. Wikipedia is a source of information that can be edited by just about anybody. That is why people should not trust it.

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