Can religion and the theory of evolution coexist?

Asked by: lilcva
  • Of course it could!

    There is nothing keeping them from not coexisting, now the religion the I'm talking about here is Catholicism. When ever I hear scientists talking about the big bang, or evolution, I think about who made this happen? Who put this in motion? Who is in control? And the answer, I think is God

  • Absolutely, unequivocally, Yes.

    Since God makes the rules, why could He/She not have used evolution to bring us to the point where we are today? Look how long it had taken for the His Big Bang to bring the earth to be habitable for life. Why not a few million years more to bring the single cell up to human status. I'm not saying God didn't get involved with a little 'nudge' when it came to the final product, & we may never know. But I think evolution brought a humanoid as close to what we are today.

  • They are only theories

    Creationism and evolution are only theories, humankind cannot be 100% certain of how the universe came into being, it's up in the air. There are those who argue that evolution did occur and that God guided the process. The world is not black-and-white; it's not only religion or only science, there's room for both.

  • They can both exist

    There are religions like deism and many others which believe in a God that created the single celled organism and just stepped back and watched what happened. I myself believe that God created man and then man evolved slowly over time to become who we are today. The majority of people that I've talked to about it that are my age have very similar beliefs.

  • This is a no brainer.

    Of course not. Most of the religions i know of contradict the theory of evolution. The bible says that he created the earth as is in seven days which is a lie because before us was dinosaurs before them and anything else there were stromatolites and the earth was covered in molten rock for a long time before water and s came along and life. But it says he put humans and the other animals on the earth in the first seven days but if we evolved then we wouldnt have come til at least millions of years after the first life forms were created. So no they cant coexist if by coexisting you mean they can both be true and i think you do.

  • Scientific Theory vs. Superstition

    No they cannot coexist. Coexisting means that both of these are technically correct. There is one big reason they can never coexist. If evolution is correct, which we have solid scientific evidence to back it up, then no being, such as god, can physically exist without something to descend from. We also have no evidence of creationism being correct, while we have solid evidence that evolution is.

  • At least for most at late.

    The fundamental glue of most religions is a so-called God who controls everything. There are many things out of his reach, however. Rolling a die, for example. The wind resistance and the way it lands, and especially, the way it is rolled. Evolution is the same, it is a random process. Evolution cannot, by definition, be guided.

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