Can religion harm more than the government when it come to helping the people keep order in society?

  • Religion can cause problems.

    9/11. Muslims attack the U.S.
    Alexander the great conquers land just to spread Greek culture.
    Spain fights Britain to make it Catholic.
    Holocaust. Hitler gases many just because they are Jew.
    Many of these attacks were devastating. Many lives gone. See what religion can do? Religious people are delusional. They worship some god that does not exist.

  • Yes, religion is dogmatic.

    Religion is inherently rigid in its ideals and fundamentals and tends not to adapt to external or societal influences. Government is a reflection of the society in which it functions in the sense that elections determine lawmakers and lawmakers decision making is determinant on societies desires. Societies tend not to do self harm, except in the 2000's, and order is more attuned to changing social conditions than religion can facilitate.

  • Religion is dangerous for society.

    It's the year 2014, so the fact that this question is still asked boggles my mind. All one has to do is look throughout history to se the damage done be religion. Crusades? The Inquisition? What about modern day terrorism, beheading, and flying jumbo jets into sky scrapers? Religion is an ailment.

  • No, religion can actually be a positive thing.

    If we look at the United States historically, religion was often seen as something that would reform. Typically back then, women were considered more godly and spiritual than men, and were more seen as those who should be domestic and help raise the children in a godly way. This isn't meant to sound sexist, but is meant to reflect that, in the past, religion was seen as something wonderful that helped bring order to society. People would aid others who were in need, etc. While religion has changed over the years, it is something that can help keep order in society and teach morality and providing for the common good.

  • Religion is generally peaceful.

    No, religion cannot do more harm than the government when it comes to helping people keep order in society, because the vast majority of religions and religious people are peaceful. On the other hand, governments have never in the history of time fully been at peace with each other. A few people do terrible thing in the name of religion, but they are the minority.

  • Religion cannot keep us secure.

    Religion can be a powerful force for good in this world. But unfortunately, it is more often a destructive force of harm, repression and industry. When it comes to helping people keep order in society, the religionists should keep out of it unless they can work under normal secular standards.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-07-17T02:02:01.477
If a country has religious homogeneity, and if that religion is believed strongly by the people, it can be a tremendous force for social stability.

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