Can religion make a difference in whether or not a person presents as gay?

  • No, religion cannot change your sexuality.

    While religion may make you feel guilty and cause you to suppress your sexuality it cannot ultimately change who you really are. You may not act on that desire, but I believe that most people are either born gay or straight and religion cannot change a person's genetic makeup. There have been times where religious leaders have tried to change a persons sexuality, but they have failed and the person usually ends up depressed or suicidal.

  • Religion can make a difference in people coming out of the closet.

    The sexual preference of a person is arguably beyond their choice. It's difficult to validate whether that is true or not. The oppressive nature of society says that you are supposed to be straight. Statistically speaking, there is a difference in whether a person admits to being gay within certain religions. This may have less to do with the sexuality and more to do with the oppressive nature of both the religion, and the society that the person lives in. Muslims have a lower admission rate of homosexuality because Muslim countries still harshly oppress homosexuality. That doesn't mean there's any less probability of mustaches touching, just less of it in public.

  • No, you're either gay, or you're not.

    Religion has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. You're born one way or the other. Religion may influence how you view your sexuality and how you chose to act on it, but it won't change a person's orientation. You can't "pray away the gay." To think otherwise is to fly in the face of science.

  • No it can't

    Religion no matter what the religion is will not make a difference on rather a person is gay. People will be gay if they are religious or even if they are not religious. Some may think that they can't be gay and be religious so they may try to hide their feelings.

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bubbatheclown says2014-03-15T18:30:24.223
Gays can change, but they have to legitimately want to and they have to be willing to do what it takes, even extreme measures, to change. I hear there was once a gay man who had electrodes attached to his "parts" and every time he felt attracted to a guy he'd get zapped there. He chose to undergo this extreme type of treatment.

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