• Yes it can

    My recollection of Christianity going back 17 years is firstly fear as God is forever angry with us as sinners according to the Bible (concoction of lies and stories), then guilt to please God/Jesus for his heinous death which I/we caused 2000 years before I/we were born by denying and beating ourselves up for our natural thoughts and feelings, thereby causing extreme introspection, obsessive compulsive behaviours (mental/verbal apologies to an invisible being) and constant self loathing. Yes Religion can make you crazy because it made me crazy - hearing voices and seeing things the way you should never see them.

  • Religion can make you lose a lot of innocence, making you think of complications in life and severely damaging your unit health

    If you pray to your god and your prayer isn't answered in the way you expected, you will fell very sad. You will possibly question the hardships in life. Both your mind and body will go out of sync. Finally, you will blame yourself and commit insane acts. As a warning, PLEASE don't pray blindingly when faced with a tough crisis.

  • I think it can and has made people crazy

    I have a bro in law who took up Christianity after something terrible happened to his son. He listens to the evangelists on television
    24/7. He KNOWS the end of the world is coming and everything that happens in the world is caused by either Satan or God. He rejects all reason. I sometimes think he is dangerous.

  • Yes it does!

    Most people realize as they start growing up that life is hard. Life is not a bed of roses and it can be quite stressfull. Therefore, in such a situation, it becomes very comforting to accept the idea that there is a God who can help you in times of need, who can solve all your problems and the best part is, you will go to heaven. Depending on the circumstances, family and the part of the world, people get influenced by religious leaders and influential priets etc and join a religion and that is when they start to become crazy and cannot tolerate anything that talks against their belief. The reason being that their whole identity and whole existence is dependent on their belief in the religion and the scriptures and if someone criticizes that, their ego is hurt and they feel insecured. Religion kills a person much before death and the spiritual progress of the person comes to an end.

  • Religion can definitely make a person very crazy.

    Religion can definitely make a person very crazy. Religion can brainwash a person into thinking
    that their way is correct and everyone else’s way is incorrect. Religion can make someone feel that
    everything they do is justified by god’s word.
    Many wars have been started in the name of religion.

  • A rational examination of religion causing mental illness.

    I was brainwashed by a religious X girlfriend when I was 18. I am now 45 and I have been fighting severe anxiety disorder after my mother was smart enough to split us apart. This X girlfriend of mine is now a schizophrenic train wreck who was permamently admitted into a mental with little hope of recovery. All because she got involved in a relgious cult that abused her. She believed everyone was being followed by demon and the whole world was going to hell. If anyone can be manipulated into believing this kind of insanity, how long will it be before they will have everyone committing genocide. Religion should be treated, and classified as it is, a mental disorder. The sad part is religion makes individuals incapable of using rational thought and thinking for themselves. Rather, they accept their beliefs without questioning them and rely on "group think" for their answers. An old proverb my father would tell me as a child, "If everybody else was crazy and told you to jump in a lake to drown, would you do it to?" Jonestown is a clear example of this proverb and it is clearly obvious that guilable people who cannot think for themselves would indeed jump in the "proverbial" lake my father once spoke of.

  • Personality disorders, definite yes.

    There's no denying this, personality disorders are common and pretty much a guarantee when being indoctrinated early. In countries where the majority of the population is indoctrinated, your world view will align with similar views from other people with personality disorders.. What I mean about that is, you see religious people relating to others in such a sick messed up fashion, I mean through hatred of stuff that makes NO SENSE to hate. Gay people, why are they hated? Because people grew up hating them.. See how that messes you up? Following texts that CLEARLY teach you to live life WRONG is extremely bad for a child. If I brought my child up to believe in satan, people would be going mental. If I raise him to believe that if he doesn't hate gays his whole life, he'll go to hell and live with satan, that's fine... ....

    This.. Is "crazy." Raise your kids ready to ask questions. Don't fill their heads with "your" answers just because you believe them to be true (even if you're not religious, huge chance your just teaching your kid all kinds of nonsense).

    Curiosity used to be rewarded, now it's seen as treason. Religion makes people crazy both individually and as a group. Telling people lies will ruin their view of reality. Broken connection between your mind and reality = crazy. Tea Party pretty much proves it without a shadow of doubt. The guys spout religion at every opportunity, don't follow a single word of the christian faith aside from what supports their hateology and disregard everything else, cause hey, if you grew up with magic, why stop cherrypicking what reality is and isn't now, right? Right? Right.

  • Yes it can

    There is to much evidence provided by history of how insane it has been. There needs to be something done to stop this madness. It hasnt done any good, lives have been lost, people have been lied to and abused . It is just sickening what it has done to the people!

  • Imaginary friends evolved

    Children create imaginary friends. Later, they become gods! Is this normal? Hearing voices, talking to nonexistent entities, getting so passionate about something that there is not a shred of evidence to support its existence is really not healthy. We should realize that lack of evidence for something is not evidence.

  • Anything can make you crazy.

    Too much of anything is bad for us. If you drink enough water, the USA's favorite beverage, it can be poisonous to you. Even if it is a good thing. We should alter our perspective on poison, as poison isn't all about the quality but also the quantity. The lack of or too much of 'religion' can make people crazy. It might not be likely or happen often, but it can. We've seen enough examples to conclude this statement.

  • No, religion cannot make you crazy.

    Religion just doesn't make somebody crazy. I know cashiers that are crazy and cashiers that are not. I know religious people that are crazy and religious people that are not. I know teachers that are crazy and teachers that are not. I know 15 year olds that are crazy and some that are not. Are you getting the point here? What you do with your time doesn't make you "mentally deranged." (The definition of crazy.) Being crazy has something to do with your brain. If you have something wrong with your brain you would be crazy whether you were a catholic, a protestant, a hot dog vendor, or a lawyer.

  • Religion cannot make you crazy; it either makes you radical or lazy.

    After being a very strong Christian for about ten years, I've seen Christianity have one of two different effects on someone practicing it. They either feel a strong and urgent call from God to tell others about the love of Jesus or they become content with, merely going to church every once in a while, thinking that is all that it takes to get into Heaven. In my opinion, if you were ever, truly saved you would be doing more than going to church. Jesus called us to do so much more than that in Matthew chapter 28.

  • No, but it can make you isolated.

    Sensible people do not become crazy by following a religion alone. Most people who are religious are able to reconcile their religious beliefs with their culture and everyday activities. It is only the people who use their religious beliefs to condemn others that suffer. When you take the bible word for word it is quite easy to go over the line of tolerance and become self-righteous, but still, that is far from crazy. The worse thing that can happen is for a religious person to have that religion dominate his beliefs and rigidly control his actions to the extent that he becomes isolated because of his world view. Isolation is not good for mental health

  • Your all idiots for saying yes you retards

    GOD is love Amen a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p Q R S T U V W X Y Z paper bibles are better than electronic bibles chicken love life soup money ice cream butter soup face love im crazy

  • Are you crazy?

    Perhaps everyone is a little crazy? What about people that claim to see ghosts? Are they crazy? I've heard many 'normal' people talk about seeing ghosts, or hearing noises while staying at hotel known for being 'haunted' etc. Stories from my youth and even quite recently from people I never expected to hear such stories from.

    Point is: Have you never come across anything you couldn't explain? If you haven't - You haven't lived! Get out there, challenge yourself, be bold and ask Jesus if he's real (like actually silence yourself and ask him honestly like talking to the thin air). What do you have to lose???

  • Religion can simply make you passionate

    Religion is essentially the culmination of how much control people must have to feel safe. Believing in a God simply means you do not think that all these incredible inventions such as humans and organisms magically came together and work perfectly in sync and that some higher power had to have been running the show. People such as atheists i believe simply dont feel comfortable enough to admit that we are not in complete control of our proverbial destiny, and that some greater being must have put all this together. Calling Religion a mental disorder or saying it is due to someones lack of intelligence would be to say that unless we know exactly how it happened or why, that there is no chance of something unknown causing it. Furthermore, Religion cannot make you crazy, it simply can change how much control you need to believe you have to feel safe and function normally

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