• Religion?, Faith: Yes

    Faith itself is still here. Someone's sample of faith either is ill-informed or weak. Perfect faith can withstand a bombardment of scrutiny; facts are not the same as truth. Faith and logic are both legitimate paths to truth, assuming both are sound. Faith's soundness relies on authority and accuracy, which the believer can't know, whereas the opposite is true for logic. Surviving scrutiny requires that authority and accuracy.

  • Yes it can

    Most atheists who target religion as an outdated thing, just that kind of atheist there are many nice atheist people though, like to think people are turning away from it, but Religion has been with us since the day us Humans started to walk the earth, and no one is gonna change that, no matter how logical you get. I've read the Holy book time and time again, and I see no reason to disbelieve. Evolution doesn't disprove it, the Big bang theory doesn't disprove it. In fact, nothing in science today can prove that the Bible was wrong. Sure, some of it holds outdated information, like the stance on women placement or homosexual relationships, but I think that the Bible was necessary for that time period as a sort of warning to others, for in that time period, these things were not accepted by society. But since we have moved on from that time, we can no longer abide by those facts. But, those simple facts are only for a temporary time period. The rest of the Bible contains information that spans across eternity, and it would be a cold day in hell if people moved past those. Desire and Dominance are for a limited Time, God is for eternity. And this desire of some to end religion because it seems like it hinders the progress of mankind is not going to work. People will always believe in something bigger then themselves, and no matter how much you whine, it isn't going to change. So you're just going to have to accept it. One could say that the opposition of Religion today instead of focusing on more important things is what hinders mankind, not the religion itself.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • Taking a close look at the tenants of any religion reveals critical flaws

    Upon close inspection, all religion falls apart. Any tenant of religion, especially dealing with the supernatural, does not hold up to any kind of rigorous inspection. Even "faith" is fundamentally flawed as anyone can exercise faith in anything and still receive confirmation through confirmation bias. Religion is wishful thinking at best with no backing of logic or sound ideas.

  • No religion cannot stand up to scrutiny

    Quite plainly I think religion was made by people in ancient times to explain natural disasters hurricanes, storms, earthquakes as well as drought and famine.These are beliefs that can be unraveled by modern science. In my opinion religion is a thing that hold modern life down not pushes it up a hindrance to clear forward thinking, logic and reason that humanity needs to push through the last reminisces of mythology and superstition.

  • Not Very Likely

    A major reason for many people becoming atheist is by reading their holy book. It just doesn't stand up to modern science and logic. It has been turned into pretty much a money making scam for some religions, others are just feeding off fear and/or ignorance. Most people reject every other religion, all they need to do is realize that the one they have is no different.

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Nekronn99 says2013-06-25T23:03:18.953
“Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.”

― Isaac Asimov