• Belief is necessary

    Jung said “when people stop believing in God they don’t believe in nothing they believe in anything”. I might agree with someone about a subject in philosophy but do I care about the person I agree with? Religion gives us a reason to care about other people. Does philosophy give us that? Not as explicitly as religioln does. Who said “love thy neighbour as thyself”? It wasn’t a philosopher. Kant’s categorical imperative is a good start but how accessible is philosphy to everyone and isn’t it therefore a bit elitist to base world peace on it?

  • People believe peace

    They all believe that peace comes from God. Gift of God. They all do believe so. Peace. What do you think? Please vote for yes. They all believe that peace comes from God. Gift of God. They all do believe so. Peace. What do you think? Please vote for yes.

  • Of course it can..

    Rejecting religions because you believe in world peace is like refusing to enter a Japanese restaurant because you like sushi. It just doesn't make sense.

    War comes naturally to people. It existed long before any religion. Peace did not. Peace is not natural to the human condition. It had to be taught and learned. And it was a religious idea.

  • absolutely..the right religion

    Take a look to the history:
    we can find Muslims,christian and jewish lived peacefully for long periods
    when ever the Extremists started doing problems ,the wars began...
    Nowadays : the extremists jewish(Israel) killing the innocent muslims in Palestine...While before more than 1400 years the Prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- had many Covenants with jewish.
    Omar al khatab had many covenants with christian in Palestine.
    We can live peaceful life with the right behaviours by the religion's instructions.

  • Of course not!

    Religion has caused wars ever since religion has been around. One religion will say this and the other will say that, causing two religions to start fighting. Like with 9/11, they thought that they were doing a great thing for their God. Kamikaze, suicide bombers, all cause grief and war for their god's. We will always have religion and we will always have wars.

  • No, they can't.

    No, I do not think that religions can create world peace. In all actuality, they create the opposite. They create war, because people disagree about religion. There are so many people that believe their religion is the "right religion" and this will always result in war between different religious groups.

  • Religion is the reason why there's no peace.

    The world has way to many fights because of religions.
    Every one wants their religion to be better then others.
    Clearly we are not ready for "world peace" when everyone is killing each other for the dumbest reasons.
    Everyone is different, every one has different options.
    "World Peace" may never come. Not like this.

  • No they can never, until essence of every religion is understood properly !

    We all practice the religions that we have inherited from our parents. But as we grow up we start realizing that the preachings of almost all the religions are same , for example: - Every religion teaches us to be good to others, love for everyone, hate for none, being humane in all respects and above all respecting everyone, not adhering to violence and practice peace in society and in ourselves too. So on the whole the religion teaches us moral values and those should not be confused with being fundamentalists about your own religion. Making a religion stand in society is just the act of supporting those morals values with a firm foundation so that people believe in it , of course we don't believe into every other person in the world until he is successful , or he has done something great in that domain , so that great thing is here is referred to as religion. Rest when some selfish people start promoting religion to make their own community to stand apart , and start hating all the other religions also make their followers to do the same , creates an unwanted trouble in world peace. Guys there are already loads to problems to tackle , why add to it ??

  • No, they cause the opposite.

    Religions do more to create conflict than peace. Religion has torn the United States into two polarized factions, even when religion has nothing to do with what our founding fathers established. Since all religions vary slightly are largely, and it's difficult to get even two people of the same religion to agree on a topic, it seems impossible that religions could create world peace.

  • No, I do not believe that religions can create world peace for the simple reason that many religions are fundamentally opposed to one another.

    There are many religions in the world. Some are huge and known worldwide, while others are small and isolated to a particular tribe or geographic location. However, the one thing they all have in common is that they differ from each other. And many simply cannot co-exist peacefully because they are fundamentally opposed to one another.

    For many people, religion is the most important thing in their lives. It is their anchor and their guide. It is what gives them a purpose in life, an answer to the question "Why do I exist?" So if something is that important to a person, and it is fundamentally opposed to what is vitally important to another person, what are the chances that those people will "bend" their beliefs in order to assimilate into one peaceful community? I would assert that the chances of that ever happening are very small indeed.

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