• Judaism has helped me as a Jew survive in a world that is in need of control.

    We Jews have struggled in nations that oppose international capitalism and global communism. Every time non-Jews tried to fight back against economics modeled by Jews we encourage every nation and government to boycott the resistance such as Germany. So how does religion come into this equation. We try to divide and conquer the people by fragmenting religious bodies into denominations so that they will have less power to resist big banks and loaning practices. History has shown that nations fight against usury and loans because they become economically crippled and lose what freedom they have left forever become wage slaves. But if you understand how to game the system you will also survive in this pyramid scheme where us Jews are at the top of the system. Religious beliefs make people happy and distracted from our backdoor dealings with politicians. Judaism is after all the soul of Marxism.

  • Recognizing God's glory will

    God's glory is so great, It will make you HAPPY. The moon is the nearest (natural) celestial body. It is approximately 2, 100 miles (3, 400 kilometers) in diameter—roughly the size of the continental United States. The moon orbits at an average distance of 240, 000 miles (380, 000 km) from the earth. On the one hand, This is a tremendous distance. On the other hand, It is not so far as to be totally incomprehensible; some cars have as many miles on them as this. The moon orbits the earth in a roughly circular path, Taking about one month from start to finish. In fact, That is where we get the idea for a “month. ” According to Scripture, One of the reasons God created the celestial bodies was to be for signs, Seasons, Days, And years (Genesis 1:14)—in other words, To mark the passage of time. The moon does just that. It continually orbits the earth every month with clockwork precision. Isn't that crazy? , God's glory has saved me!

  • They CAN make you happy, But its false happiness

    Being religious can shield you from many of the troubles in the world. One of the main ones being death. Being religious can make you feel comfortable, And content with the idea of death as it makes you feel like there is more. It helps you stay a good person as without it you are unsure what to do. I have grown up without religion my whole life, And I break the law as many times as I want. The amount I want? 0. Religion is not needed for security and safety but some people cannot take without religion and need it for happiness and to feel comfortable in life.

  • Only if you know Jesus as your God, Lord, And Savior.

    I was so miserable without Jesus for the first 15 years of my life, Until I first confessed Him as my Lord. Jesus loves you all, And only He can offer you, True joy, Which is eternal, And unconditional, In Him. Jesus is God, In human flesh, And He laid down His life, And rose it back up again, That you may have eternal life in Him. Jesus paid for your sins, Because no sinner ever will be able to pay for their own sins, And go to Heaven based on merit.

  • Made me a better person.

    Before reverting to Islam I was not happy jacking off regularly, And finding no purpose to study, Work and sometimes didn't want to live; generally never believing that the universe was created through the slim chances of the big bang. Now however I am a much better person and everyone finds it so, I behave better and live better

  • Religion beliefs opp

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