• yes they can or do they want to waist there money

    Some countries can afford it they just decide not to because they don't feel that It Is worth waisting there tax payers money on the event and would rather see there money being used towards other things that there country needs rather then the olympics there are a few countries trying to pull out of the olympics even though they are rich they just don't want it anymore

  • Yes, rich counries can afford the Olympics.

    Yes, rich countries have the means to support the Olympics. It cost a great deal of money to prepare for the event- most places build new stadiums and do a lot of development. The country is also likely to get some, or all, of their money back from tourism and venue fees.

  • Yes they can afford

    Money is the most fundamental need when it comes to the preparation of Olympics. Taking into consideration that these countries are rich, they can be able to manage most of the activities related to Olympics. That is building of stadiums, development of infrastructures such as roads and many other issues.

  • well, yea... duh

    Of course they can afford the Olympics. They are a rich country. I am confused as to what this question is really for in the first place. The question presented really makes no sense in the context in which it has been presented in. Did they mean can poor countries afford the Olympics?

  • No. "Afford" is vague.

    Building the venues, powering all the lights, automotives, etc. releases immense amount of dangerous gases and particulates into the air. The most notable is Beijing. Countries cannot afford to be so flippant about the effects on the environment that their careless, materialistic practices cause. A destroyed environment is bad for business in every country.

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