• They can do good

    This is an allusion to the second Terminator, and for obvious reason I make him good this time, much like the second Terminator. I believe robots can do great things for humanity in the future. It's like Sarah Connor once said, "If a machine, a Terminator, can know the value of human life, maybe we can too."

  • Robots have already been serving us

    If you're talking about a robot with the an AI that allows them to make decisions and learn I can't be sure about that. Robots that have a limited AI already exist in car factories, factories and lumber yards. However robots can hurt people if a HUMAN programmed it to be dangerous to people. In any case it has to be a human that makes a robot bad.

  • Yes, science fiction is dumb.

    In movies, we see the terminator. But in reality, this is impossible. The robots still have to follow the 3 laws of robotics. All robots can do is help humans. Stop believing everything you see on tv. There is no way robots can revolt against humans and kill us all.

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