• Romance Alive and Well

    Everyday we see examples of epic marriage proposals using family members, musical numbers, incredible backgrounds and unique scavenger hunts. Romance has survived thousands of years and will continue to thrive. Romance doesn't need political correctness because when you love someone, all of the PC crap falls away. Political correctness stems from evil, hate and fear. Romance stems from love, loyalty and friendship.

  • Yes, there will always be romance.

    Yes, romance can survive political correctness, because there will always be romance, as long as there are human being. Romance is one of the most fundamental things in life. Romance is one of the reasons that people stay alive. Politicians and societies cannot discourage people from love and romance, because it is one of the things that people want the most.

  • Yes, with some flexibility.

    A feminist can be feminine if she chooses to be and if she chooses to be she should say that to the man and establish that being treated nicely by a gentleman does not make her less able or equal. There are both men and women who can appreciate these little courtesies and enjoy romance.

  • Yes it just needs to change

    Yes romance can survive political correctness, it may just not look the same anymore. Times and society change and romance will change with it. We will find new ways to be romantic that conform to the growing political correctness. Romance is not something that will ever really go away in the world.

  • Traditions will change

    Things like chivalry will become more blurred and since women are now equal (or almost) wage earners, paying for meals will be shared. Holding doors, these courteous things will hopefully be done by both sexes without offending them as times have changed and people aren't doing it to oppress. That's just feminists creating issues where none exist.

  • No, romance will not surivive political corectness.

    Romance cannot survive political corectness because many things about romance are not politically correct. For example, a lot of romantic relationships are unconventional, such as gay relationships, second and third marriages, and people in multiple romantic relationships. If everything in this world was politically correct, these romances would not exist.

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