Can same-sex couples raise children as well as normal heterosexual couples?

Asked by: Volcanoes13
  • Not this crap again

    I like how people post an opinion poll just so they can be the first to vote on it and give their opinion. Anyway, maybe the author of this poll isn't aware, but same-sex couples raise children just as well as heterosexual couples, if not better. This is supported by a mountain of research that concludes unanimously that same-sex couples make good parents. And again, homosexuality occurs in nature. Not just sexual acts, but lifelong bonds. Besides, we've seen just how well some children of heterosexual couples turn out. Anyway, happy reading:

  • Old beliefs are not really that old

    I realize that most people still associate their religious opinions when assuming outcomes but those opinions only really apply to their idea of religion.
    Reality and numerous (non biased and non religious) studies have shown very positive results from same sex couples raising children. The problems do not arise from the family but from a ignorant and abusive community.

  • They can make perfect children

    To the people who say children need a man and a woman figure (mother and father) to be raised normally, think about single mothers and fathers with "normal" children! To be honest I have never heared of any studies showing that same sex couple raise depressed children. My friend mother came out just last year as "gay" her child (my friend) is perfectly normal! Sexual preference has nothing to do with the outcome of your child whatsoever! The outcome depends on if you love your children or not.

  • Of course they can!

    I can't believe this issue is still up for debate. The "children need a motherly AND a fatherly figure" argument has no solid evidence behind it, only bias. There are children that are raised by a single parent over the world (hence, lacking a male or female figure) and no one bats an eye at it, and those children grow up to be just as sucessful as children raised by a man and a woman. A child will grow up healthy and happy as long as they are properly nurtured, which can be provided by a same-sex couple just as easily as a straight couple.

  • Same sex couples can parent just as well as heterosexual couples

    Parents are parents, and love is love. Same sex parents can raise a family just as well as heterosexual parents can. Children respond to love,structure and discipline in the same ways regardless of where it comes from. The ultimate goal is to have a healthy and happy child and that can happen in many different types of families.

  • Why couldn't they?

    I think same sex couples can very well raise a child just as well as a heterosexual couple could. As long as the child receives equal amount of love and attention from each parent, and does not feel any type of uncomfort dealing with the fact that their parents are the same gender.

  • Same Sex Couples Can Be Great Parents

    Yes, same sex couples can raise children just as well as heterosexual couples. Homosexual couples and heterosexual couples are capable of providing the same type of loving and caring home. The sexuality of the couples in question has no bearing on their ability to raise children. The love offered the children is the same.

  • The right parents can raise children well, regardless of sexuality

    I am routinely offended by the idea that same sex couples are somehow lesser of people. I have seen many terrible heterosexual couples. All of the kids abandoned in orphanages came from heterosexual couples. Homosexual couples can be just as good, or as bad, as any other couple out there.

  • Homosexual couples are just as normal as heterosexual

    Children need support, love, a good role model, with solid moral values. A single parent can raise a child perfectly well, sure it would be significantly more difficult, but it is quite possible. If the child has two of them-even better, whether sex they are. Having heterosexual parents is no guaranty for a quality upbringing. It is always better for a child to be raised in a stable, loving and supporting environment, with homosexual parents, than to live in a broken family with a distorted value system. The only difficulty here would be the possible bullying by other children, that have been taught a wrong value system.

  • There is no reason why they wouldn't

    Logically speaking, two loving parents - regardless of gender - should be able and allowed to raise a child as well as any other couple. There are piss-poor heterosexual couples who shouldn't be allowed to raise children, and there are wonderful homosexual couples who shouldn't be hindered from doing so. Also, I am a libertarian, so I support freedom for all - even those aforementioned piss-poor heterosexual couples. We should not hinder anyone from rearing a family.

  • World full of gays

    Kids having raised by gay couples, would certainly be a gay. Environment is great influencer to a young man's behavior, so if he is with a gay couple, then he will be influenced as well in becoming a gay. Imagine if all married gay couples are allowed to raise their child and that child be a gay, we would have a world full of gays.

  • Of course not...

    Every child needs a mother and a father, man and woman. If a child has more than one or just one of these two figures, it will cause great harm to their conscious. It is proven by studies and by common sense that children who are raised by same sex couples do worse in school and are usually more depressed and unstable. Do not hate and discriminate children, they need to be raised by a mother and father, a masculine, and a feminine figure...

  • If everyone was gay, then human life would cease to exist!

    The headline sums it up really. PLUS it's kind of gay anyway don't ya think! PLUS it goes against Natural Selection and almost any other scientific or religious beliefs out there. I think many people who are homosexual have just had enough of the opposite gender and cannot fulfil their desires with them, so they're looking for something different - even if that means it's disgusting and against human nature.

  • No, not really

    It's really more of a maybe, but the reality is that the child will have a difficult time growing up, and understanding why their parents are different. While the child is happy and healthy, they may face various social issues that children with normal parents do not face. So in a sense, it is not "as well" as the normal parents.

  • Trans gender couples into ageplay and fetish sex

    Many trans gender individuals are perverts more so than heterosexuals is the same with gay and bi people the majority of serial killers cought identify as bi sexual or gay not heterosexual just browse any xxx adult fetish or bdsm dateing sight and you will see the true perverse attitudes on sex with these individuals many trans couples and gays are into what they call ageplay in the fetish sex world and often wish to adopt children to practice pedophilia and raise them in a perverse manner if you don’t believe me just call the phone sex line on taboo temptations and request to speak with a trans about adopting a little boy or girl for sexual fantasies they are sick individuals who want a open sex free soiciety with no limits on gender or age if these people had there way they would be haveing orgys in our city streets so no homosexual couples should not raise children

  • No, same sex couples cannot raise children as well as heterosexual couples.

    I believe that same-sex couples cannot raise children as well as heterosexual couples. A child needs to have both a male father and female mother. Each sex brings contributes special qualities to a child. Having two parents of the same sex could be very confusing for some children, even though some sex couples may be as loving as heterosexuals.

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