Can same-sex marriage help save the institution of marriage?

  • It'd return some credibility to it

    Fights against same sex marriage have all damaged the credibility of marriage, it's become a cool kids club institution that people are barred from entering simply for being different. It would really benefit everybody involved if the ugliness of debates about allowing gays to marry would come to an end and we'd just legalize it everywhere already, that's eventually going to be the result anyhow.

  • Same-sex marriage can help save the institution of marriage.

    Same-sex marriage can help save the institution of marriage. I do not know about saving it, is it in trouble? I think that same-sex marriages should be allowed because they do not want to take anything away from straight couples getting married. They just want to have the same freedoms in life that everyone else gets.

  • For a while at least

    Right now there are so many same sex couples that want to get married, and have been together for such a long time, that they will diffidently bring the institution of marriage back to a higher than 50% success rate. After a few generations they will take it for granted like all the hetero couples.

  • The opposite is true.

    When the institution of marriage was changed in order to let gays be married, marriage lost all meaning. Marriage has always been between a man and a woman, for love and for building a family together. Obviously, gays do not love each other because they destroy each other's bodies by putting certain body parts where they are not meant to go. They cannot build a family because their bodies were made to be with the opposite sex, and that is why only the opposite sex can help them build a family. Same-sex marriage demeans the very idea of marriage

  • No, same sex marriage cannot help save the institution of marriage.

    I believe that same sex marriage cannot save the institution of marriage. Same sex marriage shouldn't even be legal because marriage should be between a man and a woman. What will save marriage is when two people truly stay committed to each through thick and thin and don't go running for the divorce court the minute something goes wrong.

  • Same-sex marriage cannot help save the institution of marriage.

    Same-sex marriage cannot save the institution of marriage, but rather it will damage it. It is not right to allow people of the same sex to get married because this is fundamentally contradictory to the idea of marriage. Allowing people to call non-traditional pairings marriage is disrespectful to the institution.

  • It doesn't need saving!

    Marriage is not an institution, and there's nothing that needs to be saved. Equal marriage is simply a right thing to do to recognize the relationships of two individuals who want to build a life together. It's not a moral call, it's not a pro-religion or anti-religion. It's just the right thing to do.

  • Its not a matter of gender

    I believe that same-sex marriage wont save the institution of marriage as a whole because it is not a gender issue. Marriage is no longer sacred and hasn't been for a long time. Letting gays marry, although an amazing idea, will not change that. Although I believe that equal marriage rights are important, I do not believe they will save the "institution of marriage."

  • The Issue is not Homosexuality

    Same sex marriage can not save the institution of marriage from society. With divorce rates approaching 50% allowing or disallowing homosexuals to marry will likely not be able to exert change one way or the other. The institution of marriage can only be saved by teaching people to make better decisions in their adult life. Gay or otherwise, people rush headlong into things they are not ready for and that is the real problem here.

  • It Won't Have an Effect Either Way

    Allowing gay people to marry the partner of their choice is noble, just, and right. However, I don't think it will save (or destroy) the institution of marriage. People will still want to get married if it reflects their values and needs. Marriage, as an institution, does not need to be saved.

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