• Yes, Bernie Sanders can pull off a California victory

    The Bernie Sanders campaign has continue to gain momentum over the past months and will be recognized in California. His attention to the issues and not the distraction of personalities has made him a well-liked candidate. The other candidates are fighting for attention while Bernie Sanders sticks with the issues of the country.

  • Yes, Sanders will achieve victory in California

    I believe that Bernie Sanders will win the California primary - and that it won't be as much of a surprise as people may think. A recent poll indicated that Sanders was ahead of Clinton in terms of voter support in the state, which leads me to believe that Sanders will in fact carry California.

  • Yes I think Sanders can win in California.

    I do believe that Bernie Sanders does have an outside chance to win the Democratic primary in California next Tuesday. I think the race would have been close anyway with the country so divided. However I feel the tipping point with be the fact that Hillary Clinton supporters have for the most part, already pivoted to the general election and will be less likely to go out and vote.

  • Yes, He Can

    Yes, he can pull off a surprise victory but it does not matter because he isn't going to win the nomination. All he is doing is creating a divide in the Democratic party that will help to lead Donald Trump into the White House. He has to stop his shenanigans.

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