• It is one way.

    Yes, SAT scores can tell you if a kid is intelligent, because children who get low scores are less intelligent, which children who get high scores tend to be more intelligent. It is not a perfect measurement, but if a child can figure out the test, they are probably pretty smart.

  • Yes: SAT Scores Can Tell You If A Kid Is Intelligent

    It does take a certain level of intelligence to score well on the SAT's. What must be understood, however, is that SAT scores should not be used as a primary form of intelligence evaluation. They also can't be used to determine if some is "not intelligent." A person may be gifted in ways that the SAT is unable to measure. Intelligence is not just about test taking. The SAT's can serve as an imperfect benchmark for some, but a society looking to evaluating intelligence should look beyond these numbers.

  • Yes, they tell you something but not everything.

    Obviously, if a young person gets a very high verbal or math score on the SAT then that young person has a degree of intelligence. However, those who do not score well are not necessarily unintelligent. They may be poor at taking tests, they may have had a bad day, or they may have taken a test that didn't reflect their own cultural understandings.

  • It can tell you if a kid is a good test taker

    No, I do not believe that SAT scores can tell you if a child is intelligent. The SAT is just another test. If a child is a good test taker than he or she will probably score well on the SAT and other standardized test. All people do not perform well under pressure and testing in one of those pressure that break some people.

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