• This is a pretty odd question

    It's always been the job of religion and philosophy to explain why things happen, or why we're here; and it's science's job to explain how. The people who say they cannot go together either lack a complete understanding of religion or science. When the two are glued together with logic, they can and will coexist. John Lennox put it best when he said, "Trying to choose between God and science to explain the universe is like trying to choose between Henry Ford and mechanical engineering to explain the Model T."

  • Perspective is Everything

    Your religious base sets the grounding to your perspective and worldview in life. Your worldview is based on what you and your RELIGION believes. When you believe something strongly, you will look at everything that way. Worldview is like a set of glasses, prescribed for you and made for you. You see everything through them and they change the way you see things. The way you perceive science, and anything else, is based solely upon how you see them. This would cause religion and science to co-exist.

  • Yes I do.

    We are allowed religious freedom in the United States, and we are allowed to practice all things that our religion contains; and for most of us, that is telling others about our God. If you don't agree so, you are directly disagreeing with the human rights given to Americans. Get used to it; we're not gone just yet.

  • Religion accepts science the question is, will science accept religion?

    I believe they can co-exist. If you ask any Christian if they will leave heaven if God says we were decedents from apes. I guarantee nobody will say yes. But asking an atheist if they could have Christianity wiped off the face of the earth. About 50% or more would probably say yes. Look at evolution, big bang, etc. As Point of view. Not as a religion but as a scientific opinion for Christians. Evolutionist need to look at Christianity as a point of view. Then, and only then. Is there is hope for the to to live in harmony. Overall yes, there is a chance for the two to coexist however small it may be.

    Posted by: Levi
  • God Created Everything, Including Science

    Theologically, God created everything. Under the umbrella of "everything" are the abstract ideas behind science. Science most certainly can co-exist with religion because science has yet to prove everything. Can science scan or detect a spirit leaving a body when it dies? Not yet. Eventually, science may be able to answer the questions surrounding an eternal soul. But that doesn't mean humans can't be curious about our surroundings and seek answers through hard data. God also gave us free will to explore our world.

  • Support Each Other

    Science and religion often support each other. In terms of defining the age of the Universe, the brightest and best astronomers can only get themselves to a certain point before they say "We can't explain it any more." Also, the creation of the Universe itself can only be tracked so far back with molecules, atoms, and smaller particles still before physicists and other scientists have to stop and admit they don't get it. If we look at the perfection of ecosystems and the functioning of every being on earth, we can only assume that a Higher Power was involved in at least getting the process started.

  • Science and religion can co-exist.

    Science and religion can co-exist, as long as certain conditions are met. Both sides need to be tolerable of each other. If science does not get haughty and become a religion of its own - and one that is dogmatically condescending and aggressive towards religion - it can do its job without infringing upon people's religious beliefs or practices.

  • Religion means placing an infinite with another infinite.

    No matter how liberally you interpret a religion, it eventually comes back to the question of a belief in God. And my answer is no, God cannot be a plausible explanation by the laws of reason. What a belief in God essentially does is take the infinite gaps in knowledge which we do not understand and just replace it with another infinite, in this case God. Known as the God-in-the-gaps theory.

  • Even if they could, they wouldn't.

    Religious people have a tendency to declare certain scientific claims, that contradict religious ideas, invalid. Therefore, as long as these religious ideas exist, there can not be a co-existence between religion and science. Even if you are well behaved and are willing to accept scientific findings that contradict your beliefs (and hopefully modify your idea[s]), others are not. Religion and science could potentially co-exist (until science disproved all of the religion wrong) if the people could learn to be more accepting of each other. Since there are over 8 billion people in the world, it is extremely likely that someone will not accept the other side.


    Religion is based on faith where as Science is based on evidence and evidence precedence over faith.

    Faith is a result of a psychological reaction to a set of beliefs of religion that tends to please,appease us and keeps us hoping fr the impossible things.

    Science has had a history of conflicts with religion and when one advances and updates itself with the passage of time the other tends to be stagnant,out of date,incompatible with current situations.:)

  • Religion is based on Faith. Science is based on exactly not faith.

    This is what Richard Dawkins called the NOMA standpoint, if I remember correctly, that science and religion can exist as two sides of the same coin.

    The fact is that science is objective reality, and religion is not objective reality.

    I mean, there are plenty of religious people who don't accept evolution as fact. That is ridiculous. We've scientifically evidenced evolution; there is enough substantiated evidence that thousands of scientists the world over (in fact, more than 97% of that international scientist coalition thingy whose name I can't remember right now) can all agree on one fact, and we call that evolution.

    This, of course, conflicts with the basest teachings of most theistic religions, but those religions still persist. You would think that when the religion got the very beginning wrong, that everything after that might also be false.

    Faith and science cannot coexist. To accept faith is to deny science, and to pursue science is to deny faith. They are incompatible on a very fundamental level.

  • No, science and religion cannot co-exist

    No, I believe science and religion can not co-exist. While I do believe that religions should be respected, and that we should not force our personal beliefs onto each other, in a world where almost everything is scientifically proven, it would be impossible for science and religion to co-exist. Even the most basic fundamentals of religion are scientifically impossible, like the idea that when you pray to God he can hear you, or the belief that God is omniscient and everywhere at all times

  • Not long term.

    Science and religion ultimately both aim to explain the origins of the universe and everything, but the methods are very different. Science uses rational inquiry and demands proof, while religion is based on faith and frequently attempts to explain things that are currently not understood by science. However, as scientific understanding grows, it absorbs things that were once the purview of religion. What was formerly supernatural becomes subject to natural law. So, in the long term, science and religion cannot both exist.

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cybertron1998 says2013-03-26T13:24:06.527
umm guys there are people that believe in both science and religion
THEVIRUS says2013-03-26T13:38:24.503
Both will exist together, but they are opposites.