• Religion and Science

    What most people tend to forget without religion we would not have science. The first literature humanity read were the Book of Gods. And the main foundation of science, which people tend to forget, is Islam. With Islam you start to learn about the Cosmo's, we get medical improvements and we learn more about our purpose. For example, Why does Allah (God) talk about the bee and emphasis the importance of the bees in the Quran? Later in the 20th century we find out that we need Bees to pollen ate our flowers and plants in order for the world to work, without the Bees how would the natural world work.

  • Without A Doubt

    I have never seen a reason to form battle lines between the two. After all they are both searching for the same thing and I see no reason to limit your own perspective. To search for truth but limit the places you are willing to look is a very illogical place to start. Quite frankly it is close minded and doing yourself a great disservice. As a Christian I find the study of the world we live in to be very enlightening, interesting and solidifying in my faith in Jesus Christ. Faith does not have to be blind.

    To challenge what you believe weeds out what is false and roots you in what is truth. I feel the reason so many people on both sides are so touchy about what they believe is because they do not water their roots.

  • It isnt God vs Science

    Evidence for God is scientific. God himself is not scientific. Evidence for big bang is scientific, the big band itself is not scientific. Being religious does not mean you will have conflicting beliefs with science. Science does not speak against God, science is merely knowledge attained via observations. There is no bad friction between God and science.

  • "Science without Religion is lame; Religion without Science is blind"

    The key to GROWTH, which is the goal (or should be the goal) of both, Science and Religion, is OPENNESS. To discount either Faith or Science is closing the door on a possibility...And answers can not be found unless doors are unlocked, and opened.
    However, it is difficult to receive information without a bias. There is so much, including how we communicate, that distorts the truth behind the "clues" we are presented with.
    Those who advocate science and shun religion, communicate a strong message to discount other possibilities, and vice versa for those who advocate religion and shun science.

    Those on the "No" side, argue that Science is always questioning and Religion/Faith claims certainty, which is a completely invalid argument as not everyone who practices either Science or Faith practices it the same exact way. If Religion claims ultimate certainty while Science does not, then those who are Religious/Believers would not practice Science...And yet a lot do. The issue is the way in which Faiths are communicated to others and how they are received by others.

    In addition, there are just as many "Scientists" as there are Religious folk who claim something to be "impossible".

    The issue is EGO, not the subjects themselves. I don't see much of a difference between the two, besides the way that our society portrays each. When it comes down to it, both focus on that there is a bigger picture...Much bigger than us, and that, BOTH take FAITH to practice and learn from/about. Scientific discoveries most certainly can NOT be done without some sort of blind faith (in an idea).

    Faith is at the root of both. The details of whether a "God" or particles floating around in the Universe are responsible for why we are here is irrelevant, and just a name... Just a name.

    A True scientist can not advance in his findings without an open mind to all possibilities... Just as a True holy man can not promote the good and faith that his world is based on without the same open mind.

    The human tendency to categorize and judge is a downfall, as well as the ego. It isn't science or religion that is the problem.

  • Absolutely

    Humans have the tendency to search for the truth. They want to know about the truth behind the world and its existence. Know that the truth does not only compromise of the natural world. Science and religion are not as separate as one might think because they both minister towards man's craving for the truth. As a million different truths around the universe coexist, the same thing goes for science and religion.

    At first glance, one might think that these two entities contradict each other. For instance, science has theories like evolution and "big bang" while religions have other explanations. But one must bear in mind that Science explains only of the natural world, that is, the world around us. Religion digs deeper, trying to explain the purpose and meaning behind the natural world. Questions about life could not only be answered by science alone or religion alone. There are many forms of questions, like "what", "where", "who", "when", "how" and "why". And come to think of it, not all of the questions starting with this words could be explained by science alone or religion alone.

    Where Science ends, Faith begins. :)

  • Yes they can

    Science and religion are one in the same. The only difference is in the way they describe their theories. Which contain similarities so similar that you would believe they are one in the same. Science clearly states that everything was created by and is energy, religion says god created and is a part of everything. Ask yourself what properties does energy have, well energy is infinite, it cant be created or destroyed, always has and always will be. God can be described similarly so similar in fact that they could be called coexisting or one in the same as depicted above. By the way I am 14

  • Knowledge is a given, wisdom is another story...

    I could give you a long reason why I, an error filled mortal being believe that Science and Religion can coexist, but the opposition wouldn't care reading...
    So I'll leave this little rhetoric...
    If a person is given a note about a map that leads him to the path of great enlightenment and this person searches far and wide for this map until he finds it, should he doubt this map and analytically rule out the existence of the path? A percentage of his inner mind tells him this map is not what he expected, it has many missing pieces and they seem to lead to another path entirely. Yet the map is in front of him... Should he now doubt the way? Now when he is closer than ever in understanding what the note said and what the Author of the note meant?
    Opinions will clash... Words will fly from one side of the argument to the other.
    But hey, the debate goes on :)...

  • Religion and science agree more than they disagree.

    While many people think that because we know how to make a sun it automatically cancels out God having made them. "Let there be light" could be what was said as god collected thousands of hydrogen atoms into a nebula using gravity, and crushed them together to get the necessary nuclear reaction to create a sun. The iconic picture of evolution, the ape slowly standing straight, could also be how he molded Adam from the earth. In fact, the earth he molded Adam from could simply be taking two single celled organism and creating a multi-celled organism from it. A study has found that quite some time ago a very simple organism just happened to mutate in such a way as to have multiple copies of its brain being made. This was the beginning of the formation of human intelligence and reason. How do we not know that God caused that mutation while he formed Adam.

  • Science and religion are like friends studying same class

    Friends who study in the same class, help one another to understand the lessons. In the same way science and religion go side by side to make known the existence of GOD. Science would say, when it rains, it is from the cloud. But where the cloud comes from? Here comes the Religion that says it is the creation of GOD.

  • Religion and Science can coexist

    According to French philosopher Bruno Latour in his book "On the Modern Cult of the Factish Gods", both science and religion are at their core human constructs of reality. Religion itself is defined as being a set of human beliefs that are used and created to define and better connect with a deity or community. Science is a human construct in that the conditions in which scientific advances are made are not spontaneous confluences of circumstance, but rather the premeditated effort of the people trying to made these advances. Think of the light bulb - Edison didn't just spontaneously find out that electricity flowing through a filament creates light, but conducted experiments in which he successfully made these circumstances. In saying this, Latour is showing that science, religion, and in reality all knowledge, is at its most basic level constructed by humans. Because science and religion are at their essence the same thing, i.E. Ways to interpret the world albeit in different ways, working together would be a far more constructive path to follow. Constructive debate and commentary from both fields about the other needs to happen in order for both to make advances.

  • Not after Darwin they can't!

    The idea that we can accept what a great understanding science has given us in a few centuries alone but fill in the holes with a 1700 year old monotheism that is completely void of evidence is simply foolish. It is time for the homo-sapiens to take a stand against this nonsense that is so blatantly out of place in the 21st century. Science continues to pile on the evidence against organized religion with each century and it is unfair for us to subject free thinking scientific individuals to a life with religion. Darwin has made it possible for non-theists to effectively explain why we are hear right now in the most exciting and mind boggling explanation of all time, the idea that all organisms on earth are related to each other and have evolved over BILLIONS of years is infinitely more astounding than an invisible god creating everything in 6 days, sitting back for thousands of years while countless holy wars occurred, and then making his appearance known to a small number of Jews in the most barbaric part of the planet at that time. NEVER to be heard from again, mind you. I'm 17 years old and the idea of living and dying in a microsecond of evolutionary time where religion is still very much prevalent is very scary and deeply saddening to me. I implore all religious people to wake up and cease having faith in what is obviously a global racket on otherwise sane individuals. Thank you.

  • How could it

    Religion denies all science that is against the teaching of religion. Therefore they will deny certain scientific facts or discoveries, or near irrefutable theories such as evolution, which has never been refuted. Then what is the point. Religion will only slow down science, and take away from science. Religion and Science can never co-exist because they will always contradict each other, they are the opposite sides of the scales. This is like asking whether a fascist, communist, and democrat can live together peacefully while constantly talking about their views. It's not gonna happen.

  • Of course not.

    Quite simply, science and religion inevitably talk about same subjects, like the creation of human per se. Religion explains that god created the earth and the human in merely 6 days (creationism) whereas science explains a series of mutations that created what we are today (evolution). How can anyone embrace both science and religion when there are two different explanations for the same thing?

  • The two are incompatible.

    While religion makes claims about the supernatural, science damns the concept of the supernatural. Science relies completely on evidence and fact, whereas religion is almost completely based on faith and conjecture. They contradict each other in the most basic sense.

  • archaeological discoveries show science and religion are not able to unite in harmony.

    These discoveries, not only in archaeology but in genetics, biology, anthropology and in multidisplinary scientific teams are astounding. What has been uncovered and rendered up, is more and more proof that God does not exist and Jesus did not ever live on this earth. The bible was written over a thousand year period by many, many men for the Jewish people and this was for the old testament. Looking at the new testament, we see it was written by many men. Papers, stories, sayings were picked out to put in the bible from many areas of life at different times. Six of the Pauline letters are shown to be forgeries and written after Paul died. Not a very God inspired book. The bible did not come together for centuries. We do not even know who Matthew , Mark, Luke or John were. Why don't we know what Jesus looks like? I guess we know why.
    Are you aware that the word God began in ancient times for pagan gods, made up for religious beginings. Ancient Egyptians thought of the idea of an after life and came to belive it eventually. That myth is still going strong today.
    Science wants the truth and always works toward truth. There is no proof for God, for Jesus or any hand of God in the making of the bible. Plenty of proof that man's hand alone made the bible. Why don't we see God ? I guess we know why .
    Studying and understanding evolution will let you know what it is actually about. Many only think, we certainly did not come from monkey's and not much more. Is evolution true? It is definitely true and is in front of us and behind us.
    People want to really know the truth and one day they will not be able to deny it. Science will stand alone.

  • Absolutely not, as one is a fairy tale, and the other is backed by evidence.

    Every bit of science that is taught, whether it's fact or theory is backed by a lot of evidence. There isn't a single scientific fact out there that does not have evidence behind it. What does religion entail? It entails a fairy tale written 2000 years ago by a mortal man; it includes absolutely blasphemous content, ranging from zombies to rape to slavery. This is not something that should be taught to anyone ever!

    Posted by: 4uncLife
  • Science is flexible, religion is not.

    When scientific theories are made, those espousing religious beliefs either:
    a) hold firm and reject science; or
    b) make concessions, thereby weakening the credibility of their own beliefs.
    A prime example of a) is a young Earth creationist.
    A prime example of b) is a Christian who insists the Bible is not to be taken literally- a recent event in mainstream Christianity.
    Assuming the current trend of scientific discovery continues, the absolute 'truths' of religious texts will be wholly seen as works of fiction, while reason and rationality will usurp their position as the guiding principles of mainstream society (an event already occurring in *most* Western nations).

  • Religion hates science

    Religion purports to know everything, the total antithesis of science. Every new fact discovered by science is a challenge to religion to fit it into it's existing thoughts without changing anything. Unfortunately, most people in this forum are American, and thus think religion means christianity. It is possible to believe in God, but not religion, and thus believe in God and science. But not religion and science.

  • Possibly but in the end, only one will be left standing

    There's nothing wrong with faith and believing in a deity but religions have come and gone in the past and will likely happen in the future. The only difference between now and then is that religions usually went extinct when the nation that worshipped it was conquered by a much stronger one with their own beliefs, subjugating the conquered land and it's people to it's laws and it's faith were as now we have science slowly revealing what use to be mysteries. For religions to survive they must either adapt and except that much of what their holy books say is truth is in fact false to some degree and that some of the rules they follow no longer are valid in a modern world, they will die out like many have in the past.

  • Religion is based on myth. Science is based on fact. To allow both to coexist means that science must cover its eyes.

    The question should be - Why do we allow science and religion to coexist? Why continue to play this game? I think the time has come for the world's science leaders to come forward and enlighten the world with facts. Religion DID have its time and was even necessary at the time it evolved but we have reached the point where we know too much to continue to play this game. The truth hurts but the truth must come to fruition. And please, let's not confuse this question with Can science and god coexist. God and Religion have very different meanings.

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Anonymous says2013-04-07T23:37:26.523
It seems to me that the grand majority, if not everyone on the negative side is defending science as a higher form of thought. I do believe this debate is about whether or not they are compatible, not whether science is greater or to put down religious thought.
Anonymous says2013-09-02T04:25:40.140
Live in peace knowing people have different views. Thats how we survive.
Smithereens says2013-10-07T09:16:22.280
I don't believe it is occurring to many on the No side that religion and science are current coexisting...
Shannoan says2014-04-11T03:19:10.633
I tend to keep both eyes open. Say religion is one and science is the other, keeping one open and shutting the other works for many, but I think they are always half blind. Seeing life with both views simultaneously makes for the clearest picture. If mankind ever shut one eye for even a second, we would lose this balance.

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