• Yes, it can.

    Science is the study of a vast majority of different things, you should be able to use science to evaluate many different subjects and things. Plus, it has always been my understanding that science and philosophy are very similar, science is just a more concrete version of philosophy. So evaluating it with science should be do able.

  • Science is philosophy.

    Science is the more rational form of philosophy, backed by scientific evidence and research. Philosophy is the science of the metaphysical mind, and philosophical concepts can be and should be evaluated by the scientific method. While philosophy engages in the search of the soul, which is difficult to measure by science, it nevertheless can be analyzed through rational thought.

  • Yes, science can be used to evaluate philosophy.

    Science is essentially a more rational approach towards philosophy. Both require trains of thought that affects the human condition and explores it. Philosophy, no matter how radical, is not exempt from the careful analysis of the scientific method. It is a man made concept and thus should be subject to its scrutiny.

  • Yes, science basically is philosophy in a way.

    Scientists are similar to philosophers as they evaluate experimental evidence that they have obtained in order to formulate an opinion on how the physical world behaves. Nothing can be completely proven by science, only logical conclusions can be drawn based on evidence, similar to how philosophy works. I do, however, believe that science is much more useful, as it is a tool used by engineers.

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