Can science ever explain the origin of the Universe?

  • It already has!

    Just read "The Origin of the Universe - Case Closed". The best explanation I have ever found from science. There is something rather than nothing because the state of "nothing" is UNSTABLE. Quantum Physics tells us that the state of “nothing” does not stay “nothing” for long. Download “The Origin of the Universe – Case Closed” for more.

  • Yes it can

    Science one day will advance to be able to explain the origin of the Universe conclusively. Claiming it can only speculate and we need a time machine to tell for sure is assuming knowledge that we will know discoveries and technologies we have not discovered yet. Sooner or later we will be able to.

  • Yes, science will soon explain the origin of the universe.

    Yes, soon science will be able to explain the origin of the universe. Today's scientists are performing experiments that are getting closer to figuring out how and where the universe was created and are getting closer to finding the lucrative "God" particle of which could tell us every thing we want to know about the universe and its creation.

  • Science can explain the origin of everything if given enough time.

    Unless you are one of the many fools in the world who believe that a magical god made the universe out of nothing, then you will see that science, given enough time, can seem to explain the origin of everything. The origin of the universe is no different in this case.

  • I say no

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  • Just look at the trends..

    As time went on, and man continued to ask questions, he began to find the answers. The discovery of dinosaurs and evidence proving they were alive on the planet long before humans; the discovery that the planet earth was not the center of the universe and that we were but one of many heavenly bodies; Einstein's Theory of Relativity. All of these are examples of scientific fact that at some time or another, were explained by religion as originating from a higher divine power. It is only a matter of time before science explains the moment before time began and everything about religion as we knew it will change. While I believe this to be the truth and I do not believe that all religious followers will abandon their faith's, I do believe that the world will be a darker place for it. Millions of people will realize that there is no eternal score keeper up above and with that being said, no incentive for living a life free of the deadly sins. If that makes sense.

  • Science is the most close to truth!

    If we ever get to the truth about the origin of the universe, it will come from science. If not science, what else logical alternatives do we have? We can't rely on religious fairy tales which puts a limit to human imagination. Truth comes from continually hard work, experience and observations.

  • Science can never explain the origin of the universe.

    There are so many beliefs on how the universe "became." There is too much for us to wrap our brains around. How could the universe just "be?" Was there a big lump that exploded? If that were the case, how did that big lump get there? Was it God? If it was God, where did God come from? We can never explain it, only surmise.

  • No, I don’t believe science will ever be able to fully explain the origin of the universe.

    How could it ever hope to explain something that is beyond its own realm? Science, the systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation is based on the physical realm, and the physical realm attests to the principle that nothing (physical) can be created from nothing (emptiness, nothingness); it takes physical stuff to make physical stuff. So IF the universe began from a big bang, what was there that exploded and how could that nothing explode into all the something’s in the universe?

    Science, rooted in the physical realm, will never be able to explain the “spiritual” realm (the realm of nothingness…if that is such a word) that must have existed before the physical realm did. And IF a spiritual realm existed before the physical realm, it must (somehow) be capable of creating physical things from “nothingness”, and since science is based on the physical, it will never be able to explain the nothingness realm. And if science argues that the physical has just always existed (like the spiritual realm must have just always existed) than there is no “origin of the universe” to explain because the physical world would have never had a beginning; it would have just always been. So in that case, what is there to explain? There will have been no “beginning” to the universe for science to explain.

    Hurts my head sometimes when I think about it cuss it spins me right round baby right round like a record baby right round, round, round!

  • No, it can only guess

    Until someone invents a time machine that can go 14 billion years into the past, it is impossible for science to do anything other than guess. Science cannot definitively prove anything, it can simply present a reasoned hypothesis based on evidence. Nothing should be sacrosanct or ruled as fact, because evidence can change.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Not happening ever

    The only thing science will find is more questions. As they try to figure things out, they will only find themselves falling into more and more theories that will lead them to more puzzles and labyrinths without a clear answer. Because is beyond human comprehension, Science will only be good in the small realm that it lives on.

  • All science gives us is "double speak" and NO answers

    If the "answer" to the whole issue is "nothingness is unstable". So the universe had to "become" we must ask ourselves this how do we know nothingness is unstable? The answer is :we do NOT know that for a fact! It is a guess on our part!! Science will double speak and continue to have No answers that make sense!

  • I say no

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  • No, the Universe is too big to explain.

    Scientists can tell us about the origins of the earth, perhaps, or even the origins of our galaxy. However, there is a vast multi verse out there that is beyond anything we can imagine much less explain. So other than small explanations to give us some hint of origin, we will never see the whole picture.

  • Something from Nothing

    Fundamentally, there can never be an explanation of how a universe came into existence from the most total nothingness. There was nothing - no space, no matter, no time and no energy . Then, whoops! Suddenly there is something, a nascent universe. And this happened for no reason. Can any event have no reason? Maybe we´ll never know the reason, cannot know it - but there must always be a reason. Just as there must be a reason for virtual particles popping into existence - why that particular one at that particular moment? Why did that bubble form in the glass of champagne, right then and right there?

    I don´t believe that we´re any closer to explaining the existence of the Universe now than we were a hundred years ago, because of the fundamental problem of explaining how something appeared from the most absolute and total nothingness - and for no reason! And it popped into existence, apparently, with all the laws of physics in place. Where did they come from?

    (This is not intended as a thinly veiled suggestion that the universe must have been created. I don´t believe in a creator.)

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